4 Ways to Deal With ADHD without using medication.

4 Ways to Deal With ADHD without using medication.

Information about 4 Ways to Deal With ADHD without using medication.

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There is an increase in young people (especially children) diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). This disorder is a mental illness which happens to be the number one mental illness diagnosed in children in the United States. It is also mostly diagnosed in boys than with girls.

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Signs of ADHD in children include:

  1. Child is easily distracted.
  2. Does not finish tasks or adhere to instructions.
  3. Inattentiveness while listening.
  4. Does not like to participate in activities that involve sitting still.
  5. Loses things and tends to engage in daydreams often.
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In adults ADHD symptoms can include:

  1. Impulsiveness.
  2. Depression.
  3. Drug use.
  4. Generally unorganized with trouble concentrating while reading.

It is essential that today’s parents and teachers are equipped to detect this and assist the child or adult to overcome this disease and reach his or her full potential.

After diagnosis a child or adult might want to start seeking for some form of treatment for this ailment. Good news is there are medications for ADHD. In addition to medication, psychological evaluations and behavioural therapy are utilized to help cure the child or adult of this disease. It is important as a parent or teacher that all possible solutions that will enable the child recover from this disorder are employed to ensure that he or she develops to a fully functional adult. This article is here to show you other forms of treatment apart from medications.

Here are a few useful tips.

1. Dietary supplements.

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It has been shown that deficiency in essential nutrients is a probable cause of ADHD apart from possible genetic factors. Examples are iron, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin B6. Consumption of wholesome meals and ensuring the complete dose of vitamins and nutrients are available in your child’s diet will go a long way to help him/her recover.

2. Behavioural Therapy.

This is a structured strategy aimed at enforcing discipline to teach the child new ways of behaving. This involves developing a reward system by praising good behaviour such as following instructions or being more organized to reinforce positive behaviour. Conversely, a strict but considerate discipline system is used to eliminate bad behaviour like losing homework or refusing to sit still.

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3. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

This style of therapy involves changing negative thought patterns and replacing them with positive ones. If the child feels he can never do anything right then the parent or teacher should introduce positive thoughts and show him evidence that he can do things right. Similarly, for a perfectionist mindset that can stunt the child’s push to finish tasks, the child can be made to see reason with everyday incidents that not everything has to be perfect before you can ‘finish’ such tasks.

4. Infuse lots of Exercise.

Make your child’s playtime to be filled with exercises both indoors and outdoors. Exercise releases hormones and endorphins like serotonin into the bloodstream which help to improve your child’s mood. This can, in turn, help him develop the mental capacity to overcome ADHD.

There are many options available to overcome ADHD apart from medication as discussed above though this is inexhaustible. As a parent, it is important that you combine the steps above with physician’s advice and treatments so as to get the best of all possible treatments for this disorder.

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