6 Powerful Effects Of Moldavite You Probably Don’t Know About » Residence Style

6 Powerful Effects Of Moldavite You Probably Don’t Know About » Residence Style

6 Powerful Effects Of Moldavite You Probably Don’t Know About » Residence Style

Information about 6 Powerful Effects Of Moldavite You Probably Don’t Know About » Residence Style

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Given the rarity of Moldavite, it’s easy to understand why many people may not be aware of just how powerful this stone can be. Though you may never have heard of them, the fact is, Moldavite has some strong properties that can benefit you in many ways.

Let’s look at these in more detail. 

Moldavite Has Healing Properties

Moldavite is renowned for its many healing properties, including diagnosing illness and kick-starting the healing process. It is said to ease anxiety, treat anemia and gout, and improve eyesight. Additional effects include:

  • Treating skin rash
  • Healing influenza
  • Addressing concerns such as difficulty breathing, asthma, and allergies

The Stone Offers Spiritual Protection

Moldavite helps shield its wearers from energies that will harm you, providing you with spiritual protection. Additionally, you can use Besednice Moldavite to magnify the vibrations of other crystals. In this way, you can boost the protective energies of other beneficial crystals. 

The stone is said to help people surpass time, allowing you to access your past life. This allows you to address any harmful emotions and baggage from past lives that are wearing you down.

Other ways in which Moldavite can help you spiritually include calming your worries, protecting you during travel, bringing you good fortune, helping you resolve money troubles, and serving as a general protection stone. 

Moldavite 3

It Is Linked To The Earth’s Chakra

Many people believe Moldavite is meant to help Earth transcend its current state. This is because Moldavite is thought to have formed as the result of the heat generated following an asteroid impact. This has led people to believe that the stone has a cosmic oversoul.

This allows Moldavite to connect with people who have ascended and to increase a person’s sense of self-awareness. It also makes the crystal an extremely important component of several healing rituals of the Earth’s chakras.

Aside from being linked to the Earth’s chakras, Moldavite is also effective when addressing our crown, heart, and third eye chakras. By linking to the crown and third eye chakras, helps improve your memory and promotes mental balance. Additionally, thanks to its connection to the heart chakra, it is also supposed to be helpful with love and interpersonal relationships.

Moldavite Has Metaphysical Properties

As mentioned, Moldavite is believed to have formed as a result of an asteroid colliding with the Earth. Due to its non-Earthly origins, this stone is believed to help people who use it create a connection with heavenly bodies. 

The strong energy of the stone allows people to connect with the Divine Mind. This, in turn, can help them grow significantly spiritually and even move ahead to a higher level of spirituality. 

Using The Stone Can Cause A Strong Reaction

It’s essential for people to be extremely careful when using Moldavite. While it has numerous benefits, it can also cause a strong reaction.

For most people, when they use Moldavite, they first feel a tingling in their hand, which then spreads to the rest of their body, starting from the chest, moving to the heart chakra, and then finally causing you to flush.

However, Moldavite strongly stimulates peoples’ auric fields. This means that when some people wear or hold this crystal, they feel intense heat. It can also result in the sensation of dizziness or feeling odd and out-of-place. 

While not everyone experiences such a strong reaction, it’s common enough to have a name – “The Moldavite Flush.” This reaction is thought to be due to the crystal’s ability to help people release painful, intense thoughts – as the thoughts are being released, a person’s body reacts to this profound transformation.

It Can Be Combined With Other Stones

Given the effect that Moldavite could potentially have, it’s easy to understand why people choose to stay away from using it, despite its beneficial properties. 

However, Moldavite does not have to be used alone. It is possible to combine it with other crystals, which helps stabilize the Moldavite’s energy and, therefore, the effect it could potentially have on users.

Moldavite can be combined with any number of crystals, depending on what aspect of Moldavite you want to amplify and which other crystals are necessary for a given ritual. However, most commonly, Moldavite is combined with quartz, black tourmaline, and obsidian.

Moldavite 2

Given its rarity, Moldavite is undoubtedly an expensive stone. However, if you work with crystals, it’s also an extremely powerful crystal that, when used, will become core to your practices. 

This crystal can do more than you could ever imagine and can help transform your life – and the lives of others. For crystal workers who have the budget for it, this stone is undoubtedly a must-have.

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