6 Tips To Help You Keep Wild Animals Off Your Property » Residence Style

6 Tips To Help You Keep Wild Animals Off Your Property » Residence Style

6 Tips To Help You Keep Wild Animals Off Your Property » Residence Style

Information about 6 Tips To Help You Keep Wild Animals Off Your Property » Residence Style

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Wild animals are often an unavoidable nuisance for homeowners, but there are things you can do to keep them off your property. Animals who wander onto private property typically aren’t looking for trouble, they’re just following their instincts and searching for food or a mate. It’s up to humans to provide the necessary barriers that will keep these wild creatures away from any areas where they may be in danger. The good news is that there are many humane ways of doing this without resorting to using dangerous poisons or traps. 

Call The Local Services 

Many pest control companies provide special services that are designed to keep wild animals off of your property. Their knowledge of the dangerous terrain surrounding any given building gives them an advantage over homeowners because they know which man-made structures will be most effective at deterring wild creatures from wandering onto your private property. Bats are a great example of a pest that can be kept away from your home by hiring a professional. These winged night-time creatures often have to be excluded from buildings before they will leave, and this is where a company with specialized knowledge can help you get rid of bats without hurting them.

Wild Animal Prevention Tips

Many wild animals are drawn to places where food is readily available, and homeowners can sometimes attract these pests just by leaving pet food outside. It’s important to remember that many wild animals will seek out this kind of garbage as a source of nutrition. You can prevent wild creatures from coming around by using a few different prevention methods. 

Don’t leave food out  

Most wild animals have a strong sense of smell, so it’s important to keep all sources of food indoors, especially between April and November. This is when most wild animals are giving birth or tending to their young, and they will travel much farther distances to find a good source of nutrition.

Use screens on windows and doors to keep them out  

Many wild animals are very strong, which makes it difficult for homeowners to keep them out of the home without using special screens. It’s important to make sure that all doors and windows are fitted with screens that have small mesh to prevent anything larger than a groundhog from getting inside.

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Don’t take out bird feeders 

When people see birds flying close to their homes, they often think it would be nice to leave out some food for them. While this may seem like a kind gesture, it encourages these creatures to spend more time on their property where they are not welcome. This is another good example of why hiring local services can help you prevent wild animals from coming around without using harmful poisons or traps.

Trap and Relocate Wild Animals 

If you know of one specific wild animal that gives you trouble daily, it’s often possible to trap the creature and move it to a new location. This may seem like an extreme reaction, but some people feel more comfortable doing this instead of killing the pest. In today’s day and age, killing wildlife is punishable by law. Transportation is not entirely encouraging, but if it is the only option make sure to call an expert to do it. 

Install fences and motion-sensor lights

 When wild animals know that they are not welcome in a certain area, it becomes much easier to keep them away. Hiring local services will help you determine which man-made structures are most effective at deterring specific types of creatures from wandering onto your property. Motion-sensor lights that flash when animals enter the area can be especially helpful for pest control because the lights will serve as warnings without scaring away other creatures like songbirds.

Never kill wildlife! 

It’s a good idea to avoid killing any wild creature, but this is especially true if you have never dealt with a pest problem before. It’s wise to hire professionals who know how to keep many different kinds of wildlife away from your property without using traps or harmful poisons. In the case of extremely dangerous animals like venomous snakes or bears, you may have no choice but to contact a professional who can safely and humanely control the situation.

When it comes down to it, wild animals are rarely aggressive towards humans unless they know their young are in danger or if they feel cornered inside of their own homes. To prevent these creatures from damaging your property or harming you, it’s very important to make sure they never feel comfortable coming around.

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