7 Inexpensive Ways To Prep Your Home For A Resale » Residence Style

7 Inexpensive Ways To Prep Your Home For A Resale » Residence Style

7 Inexpensive Ways To Prep Your Home For A Resale » Residence Style

Information about 7 Inexpensive Ways To Prep Your Home For A Resale » Residence Style

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If you’ve been trying to sell your home without any success, or you do get some ‘potential’ buyers, but they don’t get past the viewing stage of the buying process, then, you probably know it’s time to turn up the heat, so to speak 

If this is you, then, you’ve probably been wondering if there are specific things you could do to make your house more desirable on the market.

These inexpensive prepping ideas could help you sell your house faster and, most likely, at a higher asking price:


Painting the interior of your home is one of the most popular prepping techniques to get it ready for sale. So, instead of turning up your nose at that dated, peach bathroom, give it a fresh coat of paint in a new color to spruce it right up. This technique is especially effective if you choose neutral colors that are easily paired with any design or décor.

If painting isn’t on the top of your list, consider changing out all of the hardware in your house, including doorknobs and hinges, cabinet pulls/handles, and light switches/plates for an inexpensive facelift. Also, don’t forget about the bathrooms, kitchens, closets, laundry rooms, garages, and other common areas in your home.



If your floors are looking a little dull and worn out, consider adding a fresh coat of polyurethane to restore the original luster. Polyurethane can help bring the shine back to your epoxy floors, as well as improve their scratch resistance, among other things. 

This will also allow you to choose from different types of finishes, such as matte or gloss, depending on what type of look you think would best suit your house. Whether you’re looking for an up-to-date, sleeker style, or something more rustic and homey, just make sure it fits with the current interior design scheme to ensure a smooth sale.

If your home doesn’t have this type of flooring, then, you won’t need to worry as you can have epic epoxy floors, such as those manufactured by Epic Epoxy Floors, installed within a reasonable budget. Plus, they can be installed pretty quickly, which means your house won’t be off the market for too long. 


If you’re looking to increase the price of your home, consider cleaning or replacing old carpeting before putting your property on the market. It’s an easy way to up its value without breaking out a paintbrush or hammer.

If you have particularly stubborn stains, try hiring a cleaning service, such as one from this website, that knows how to take care of the mess without using overly harsh chemicals to your carpet, house, and the environment. A sparkling clean house has more chances of being appealing to a buyer, as well as fetching more on the market. 

Hiring a professional cleaning service provider would be much better than renting a machine that’ll deep clean your carpets or just simply vacuuming them over and over again. This will leave the carpets looking brand new, with the bonus of making sure they are sanitary.

Clear Out Closets

Most people, when looking for a new home to purchase, want plenty of storage space. That means that closets and garages across the nation are typically jampacked with stuff!

That said, one inexpensive way to add value to your home is by simply clearing out some or all of the clutter from your closets and garage. By packing up all of those boxes and items you don’t use anymore in a rented storage unit, you’ll be able to create more space in your house, allowing it to feel bigger. Even if you’re just looking at ways to expand your current living space, this will help you get the job done.

Clear Out Closets

Spruce Up Lighting

One essential aspect of preparing a home for sale is making sure every room is properly and aesthetically lit. New lighting fixtures can be costly, but if you take the time to remove your current ones from their housings, then, give them a fresh coat of paint, you could’ve effectively done the same thing for a fraction of the cost

In addition to painting, try adding some dimmable switches or dimmers to add a bit more ambience to different rooms in your home. This is sure to make each space feel cozier, as well as will help you fetch the best asking price!

Clean Up Outdoor Spaces

Do you have anything growing under the back deck?  Is there an overgrown bush taking up half of your front yard?  Clear out clutter throughout your outdoor spaces by making them look clean and polished before putting them up for sale. Make sure to take care of any overgrown landscaping, pull weeds from the beds, and clean up your driveway or sidewalk when you have all of that extra room. The more inviting it looks, the more likely people are to step inside.

Fix Anything That’s Broken

If there’s anything broken in your home, then, don’t forget to fix it!  Even if it seems small, just one quick repair can go a long way in improving the sales value of your space. This ranges anywhere from replacing broken light fixtures/bulbs, to fixing squeaky doors and torn window screens. 


Selling your house doesn’t need to be that hard to do. Just a few touch-ups to your home could be all the preparation you need before trying to get that asking price you’re hoping for.

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