Color Wheels Color Clip Cards free printable color matching activity

Color Wheels Clip Cards – Color Learning For Kids

Color Wheels Clip Cards – Color Learning For Kids

Information about Color Wheels Clip Cards – Color Learning For Kids

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One of the first things that toddlers and preschoolers learn about our colors. Colors are beautiful and little learners are attracted to colors in objects. This is why Color Learning for Kids is so important! These Color Wheels Clip Cards are colorful, cute, and most importantly provide a hands-on and engaging way of practicing and recognizing colors in objects.

Kids will love identifying and matching colors in the different objects while practicing their fine motor skills and are sure to have a ton of fun while doing this activity. The activities are for kindergarten, preschoolers, and toddlers too.

Make sure to check out my 20 Children’s Books about Colors! for great color books for kids, too!

Color Wheels Clip Cards color learning activity for kids

Learning Colors – The Importance Of Color Learning

This printable will focus on the 11 main colors; black, white, red, orange, pink, blue, green, brown, grey (gray), yellow, and purple. This printable is most suitable for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners who are either beginning to recognize their colors or need more practice in recognizing and identifying colors around them.

Colors are one of the first things that learners start recognizing around them. The bright and attractive colors draw learners towards them and make them curious about it.

Differentiating between the different colors is a very important skill that a young learner needs to develop. This is why I try to use color learning activities in a fun way.

clip cards with clothespins to teach kids to match colors

Materials Required

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  • Printer
  • Laminator
  • Scissors
  • Wooden clothespin or circle counters

Color Wheels Clip Cards

Color wheels are quite different from the normal color clip cards in the sense that each color has several options that learners will have to select. I would strongly suggest that learners only get introduced to these wheel clip cards once there are relatively familiar with either matching or their colors since it can overwhelm a new learner.

To Prep for this Color Learning Activity

Download the free color learning printable at the end of this post.

(There are two versions included within the printable. The first version contains one wheel per page, while the other version contains 2 wheels per page.”

Print the pages.

Since the activity includes using clothespins, I would recommend laminating the pages for durability.

Grab some wooden clothespins and the color wheels and you are all set!

printable color wheels for color matching activities

Using the color wheels with your learner

Present the wheels to your learner. If your learner is not still very familiar with their colors, start off with one or two wheels. The learner will clip the sides of the wheels that match the color in the center.

For each wheel, there are a total of 8 options. From these, only 4 of them match the color in the center. The other 4 do not.

For example, in the red wheel, the learner will clip the cherry, fire hydrant, ladybug, and the red cap. They should not clip the teddy, cactus, tiger, or spider since these are not red. For an added practice, however, the learner can opt to tell the color of each item out loud. That will provide them with extra practice in identifying their colors.

clothespin color wheel matching activity

When to use free color learning printables

This printable can be used to strengthen fine motor skills, explore during morning work, or use as supplemental math centers. The clip cards are skill-based, they are not thematic, so they can be used anytime during the year.

The centers are best used once printed on cardstock and/or laminated. You can choose to implement these centers in an independent way or use them with small groups.

You can also opt to make these wheels self-checking. Simply put a dot at the back of the correct sides. If the leaner clips the dots, then they have clipped the correct options, if not they can try again. This will help to promote a sense of independent learning for the learner.

Learners are sure to love these bright color wheels. Colors are fun, attractive and provide a ton of learning experiences for your little one. We hope that your learners benefit greatly from this printable!

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Color Wheels Color Clip Cards free printable color matching activity



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