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Just ahead: 10 things to watch, read, shop, and do this Halloween weekend.

out of the utility closet and into full view, brooms make for subtly spooky dec 9
Above: Out of the utility closet and into full view, brooms make for subtly spooky decor, as seen in this bedroom from A 1640s Georgian in an Affecting Palette by Cassandra Ellis. (More examples? See The Witching Hour: 10 Times a Broom Doubled as Decor.)
  • Margot is eager to watch The Soul of a Farmer, a documentary about chef-turned-farmer (and “the Picasso of vegetables”) Patty Gentry, who oversees Isabella Rossellini’s Early Girl Farm in Brookhaven, Long Island.
  • A bit of quintessential London, no matter where you live: Julie likes this new table linen collection by Summerill & Bishop and Claridge’s, inspired by the iconic checkerboard floor in the hotel lobby.
  • We like the looks of this floating sauna in Switzerland.
  • This Seattle house makes the most of its tiny urban lot.
  • Time to try foraged storage?
  • Dubliners: Annie likes the looks of Portrait of a House, an exhibit of photographs, taken over several years, of an eighteenth-century Georgian house on Dublin’s Henrietta Street “revealing a quiet melancholy and the slow passing of time”; more info here. (Not able to attend in person? The photographs are also captured in a new book, Portrait of a Housefirst spotted via T.)
  • Ornate millwork: to paint or not to paint?
  • And the latest from Liberty: The Modern Collector, with reimagined archival prints and new designs alike.

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