How Long Do Crib Mattresses Last? » Residence Style

How Long Do Crib Mattresses Last? » Residence Style

How Long Do Crib Mattresses Last? » Residence Style

Information about How Long Do Crib Mattresses Last? » Residence Style

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It is a bit difficult to say how long do crib mattresses last as there are several factors that influence their longevity. Some of them are under your control and some are not. 

perceiving which crib mattresses last the extended period might aid you in deciding which of different mattresses to buy. Indeed, if you treat a mattress responsively and gently, it will easily last more than 10 years. 

On the contrary. If a mattress is used roughly and doesn’t get proper maintenance then you may need to throw it away after 1 to 5 years. 

But, again the lifespan of a crib mattress relies on a wide array of different determinants including what types of materials have been used, how well it is built up, in which purposes the mattress will be used, and so on. 

Do You Need a Crib Mattress? 

Needless to say, parents are always anxious about the contentment of their little ones and they have plenty of questions about different topics. One of the most typical questions parents hold is whether they need a crib mattress or not. 

If we answer the question in a single word then it is indeed, yes! Now, let us explain why. You should purchase a crib mattress because they ensure babies’ sound sleep & grow properly. Apart from that, they create pressure evenly and reduce the possibility of your baby getting injured as it grows. 

Besides that, a firm crib mattress can be used also that supports your babies during sleep, so that they have healthy bone, spine, and body development. Moreover, if you use a crib mattress, you won’t have to worry about the overheating of your baby as they hold the airflow system. 

However, you may think that getting these types of crib mattresses is costly, but actually not. You can own these types of Budget-Friendly Crib Mattress Under 100 Dollars

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How Long Do Crib Mattresses Last

It has already been mentioned that the longevity of crib mattresses depends on several things such as build quality, materials, maintenance, where to use, and so on. If you purchase a mattress that is made with quality materials and you take care of it properly, then you can expect it to last more than 10 years. In contrast, if the mattress you own is made with low-quality material, and won’t get proper maintenance, you may need to throw it away after using it for 1 to 5 years.

How To Extend Crib Mattresses Longevity

In this segment, we have discussed 4 different factors that will extend a crib mattress’s longevity. So, let’s check them out.

  1. Waterproof Capacity 
  2. Dirt Resistance
  3. Support & Firmness 
  4. Quality of Materials

1. Waterproof Capacity

One of the factors that can surprisingly increase the longevity of a mattress is its capacity to deal with wet spills and messes such as water or bodily fluids, juice, or spilled milk. 

Even plain water can be disastrous if it is steamed into the inner part of the mattress. Because, it is so difficult to dry out entirely and that might lead to fungal, mold growths, and bacteria. All of these can be hazardous to your baby’s health.

That’s why we recommend having waterproof mattresses that are kept dry and stain-free. Besides that, they will last longer and give a better sleeping environment. 

2. Stain Resistance

Stains can be a sign of major problems within the mattress. They can be the haven of nasty germs and bacteria particularly if they are the consequence of bodily fluids and or other pee stains. Preferably, stains should be cleaned and removed right away, if not then they linger upon in spite of trying to clean them later.  

3. Support & Firmness

Support and firmness are other factors that greatly influence the longevity of a crib mattress. They are basically manifestations of the form and quality the mattress is in. If you purchase a mattress that quickly gets floppy and dip won’t be supportive enough for a baby. That’s why, before owning a mattress, read out customers and expert reviews to comprehend which one confers the best support and lasts long. 

4. Quality of Materials

The quality of materials plays a crucial role when it comes to the lifespan of a crib mattress. The higher the quality of the materials, the longer you can expect a mattress to last. For Instance, a mattress made from lightweight and low-density foam can’t take as much pressure as a mattress made from high-density foam.

Other Factors That Affect the Lifespan of a Mattress

In the above segment, we have demonstrated what factors can increase the longevity of a mattress. Here, we’ll show some other factors that also affect mattress longevity. 

  1. How frequently do you clean your mattress 
  2. Whether the mattress is set near a heat source 
  3. How often it is used

Things You Should Consider While Purchasing the Best  Crib Mattress

People find it difficult when it is about choosing the best crib mattress. Considering that,  we have come up with a guideline that will help you to have the right one that will provide the best services and last long. So, without any further ado, let’s get started. 

Crib Mattresses 2

If you are determined to purchase a crib mattress for your baby, we recommend you go for a new one. Many people out there would like to get a used one thinking of money, but it can be hazardous to your baby’s health. The used mattress is the ground of bacteria as they are not stored properly. Apart from that, mattress overrun has a lack of firmness; thus, it will not be up to providing pleasant support for your baby. 

People get confused when they have to choose one from the foam and innerspring. The mattress that is made from foam is a standard pick due to its featherweight nature. Besides that, they are more popular and budget-friendly. Polyurethane has been used in foam mattresses as the main component. However, while choosing the foam mattress, make sure that you have chosen the firmer mattress instead of the softer one. It is because firmer mattresses can retain their form and shape batter that is beneficial for your baby. 

In contrast, innerspring mattresses are made from steel coils along with a thickness of the foam, fabric and padding on them. This type of mattress is comparatively weighty but durable too. Both innerspring and foam mattresses will last longer if you can choose the right one. It relies on the brand, components, and others. 

The size of the mattress is one of the most vital things that you should take into consideration too. Pick the right fit mattress that will reduce the spaces between the crib and the mattress. As a result, there will be fewer chances of accidents like the head of your baby getting trapped. 

To get the right size mattress, you can follow the CSPC’s standard size which is at least 27.25-51.25 inches. The thickness should not be larger than 6 inches. Now, come to the weight of the mattress, the weight of the mattress can differ and generally ranges from 8 to 30 pounds based on the construction. 

When you purchase a mattress, make sure that you have purchased a cover too. The mattress will be dirty as your baby will play here for a long time. Sometimes, water can get into the inner parts as well which can be the reason for damages. To get rid of the problems, choose a cover that offers features such as breathability and waterproofing. The waterproofing cover makes it easy to clean spills and waste. 

There are a vast number of mattresses available on the market that offer heightened versatility. They are named double-stage crib mattresses. These types of mattresses hold both firmer sider and softer sides. The firmer side can be used for infants and the softer one for toddlers. These mattresses come with a tag that will let you know which side is for a toddler and which one is for infants. 

This is another important thing that you can’t ignore. Sometimes we need to change decisions due to a sufficient budget. The price of the mattresses depends on several things like brand, quality, and components. You will get some mattresses for around 40 to 50 dollars but the quality remains uncertain. That’s why we recommend having a mattress above 100 dollars. 

Final Thought

How long the crib mattress will last actually depends on several things that we have demonstrated above. But, if you purchase a quality mattress, it can last more than 10 years with proper maintenance. On the other hand, a mattress with low-quality materials will last a maximum of 5 years. You may throw it away even after 5 months as well if you don’t take care of it. So, it is impossible to say with certainty how long a mattress will last.

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