How to Create a Healthy Workspace » Residence Style

How to Create a Healthy Workspace » Residence Style

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The average American will spend one-third of their life at work. For many, that involves an office of some sort whether it’s at home or in a high-rise downtown. 

A lot of money and time goes into ensuring your home is a positive place to spend time with cozy furniture, happy paint colors, and other mood enhancers.

If so much effort is put into creating healthy homes, then why isn’t the same amount of effort commonly being put into creating a healthy workspace? 

This is the question that HR managers all over the world are asking themselves. It’s especially important to consider as people re-enter their workspace following the pandemic. 

Mental and physical health has never been more of a priority to people than they are now. It is important that people feel supported in all three of these areas at home and their place of work. Let’s take a look at some steps that can be taken to create a healthy work environment. 

Invest in Dynamic Furniture

Gone are the days when you should be expected to sit at an office desk for hours on end in an uncomfortable chair that makes you groan when you stand up. There’s a reason why people who work in an office day in and day out struggle to have good posture. Our bodies aren’t built to sit in a stiff-backed chair for 8 hours a day. 

To solve this problem, consider investing in a chair with an ergonomic shape that prevents you from leaning forward while you work. This kind of chair instead allows your back to relax against it easier. 

Sitting in an ergonomic chair for long hours as opposed to a normal desk chair will result in improved posture, productivity, and blood circulation.  


Create Opportunities for Employees to Connect

If there’s one thing 2020 left us feeling deprived of, it’s human connection. Office spaces with multiple employees are sure to have an overall healthier workspace when they encourage employees to connect and find common ground. 

This could mean hosting a company picnic every summer with food, games, and family fun where employees can mingle, meet each other’s families, and get a better sense of who each other is outside of work

This will help create less work-related conflicts, encourage productivity, foster friendships, and improve the overall mental health of employees. 

Encourage Good Work Habits

Burnout is real, and if you aren’t careful, you or your employees can experience this within the first few months or years on the job. 

An employer who encourages employees to have small breaks throughout the day will find that productivity and morale increase.

Brain breaks could involve a quick walk outside, a few minutes in a meditation corner, or even just a trip to the break room for more coffee. 

Even just ten minutes every couple of hours can be all it takes to give your mind the space it needs to recharge. 

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Don’t Wait, Create a Healthy Workspace Immediately 

It doesn’t matter if you operate a company of 1000 employees or if you work from home in your personal workspace, creating a healthy workspace for you or others is key to increased productivity and overall well-being. 

So, go buy the ergonomic chair, take a brain break, and work happier. You deserve it! 

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