How to Creatively Dress Your Porch

How to Creatively Dress Your Porch

How to Creatively Dress Your Porch

Information about How to Creatively Dress Your Porch

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We’re sure that to many of you, this is a completely foreign concept. This fun little activity can be a creative tradition, in which dressing your porch every season becomes essential! If you’re reading this, one can only assume your home is already equipped with a porch, and you must know that your porch is the first thing you, or your guests, will see when you enter your property. With Christmas around the corner, now is the perfect time to experiment with this idea, and start planning your first set of porch decorations.

As a homeowner, your porch (or veranda) is more than just the platform you use to get in and out of your home. It’s the first thing you, and your guests, see when visiting your home, and is a wonderful play to rest, socialise, and enjoy the world around you.

Adding some cosy outdoor cushions, rugs, and other features to your porch, is a great way to make your house more homey. You can look for seasonal plants, artwork, lanterns, and side tables for drinks and plates, which will help to create the cosy ambience that your home deserves. The combination of all these elements will instantly make your porch feel like a home itself, making for an additional setting to entertain, and a perfect welcome.

Seasonal decorating

The beauty of decorating by season is the abundance of holidays you can celebrate. Christmas is just around the corner and what better time than now to start looking for Christmas lights and decorations to spruce up that front deck of yours. Of course, not everyone celebrates Christmas, but this is the benefit of porch decorating, it is entirely up to you what you choose! There is no pressure to follow trends, show your heritage or show off your gardening skills, just show people what you care about while making the front of your house more inviting and generally more comfortable. 

Imagine coming home after a long day at work to see Easter bunnies on your porch, along with that comfortable wooden rocking chair you love and a pillow which provides ample lumbar support. How could you not have a little chuckle and relax at that sight, even before opening the door.

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You’ll also be adding to the value of your home because with seasonal decorating you will maintain the front of your house in a fun way. This will later be to your benefit if you ever decide to move and are trying to sell the house! Flowers and a ‘Welcome’ sign in the front, plus whatever other beautiful accents you add, will add to the appeal of your home, which in turn will make it easier to attract home buyers.

Exhibit your uniqueness while creating a place for the whole family to gather and enjoy life. This will ultimately provide the perfect setting to enjoy some of the most important moments in life, spending time with the people you love. Not to mention those summer nights that are just too hot to spend inside and should be enjoyed outside instead. 

Back porches need attention too

Some people may have a porch in their backyard that they haven’t really utilised. Homes often have a small deck looking out over their yard – by adding a roof, and you’ve got yourself a perfect space for relaxing. You can be sheltered from rain and sun by a back porch, and if it is screened, pests cannot cause any irritation. Whether they’re cosy nooks away from prying eyes, or expansive outdoor kitchens and living rooms, backyard porches are the perfect addition if you want a little more privacy. 

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Get creative

The best thing to do is get creative! Hopefully, this has inspired you to paint your wooden door a more inviting color, or convinced you to add some furniture for a more comfortable experience. Get creative with the way your house number is displayed, or what lighting surrounds your mailbox and the steps leading to the door. Get yourself a stylish or fun door-knocker that suits your taste and style. The possibilities are endless. 

There is no better way of showing off your stylistic choices than through decorating the first thing everyone sees when coming to your home. The porch is more than its dictionary definition describes. Being “a covered shelter projecting in front of the entrance of a building” does not quite give it as much credit as it deserves. Happy decorating! 

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