How to decorate the Everett foyer table | Thrifty Decor Chick

How to decorate the Everett foyer table | Thrifty Decor Chick

Information about How to decorate the Everett foyer table | Thrifty Decor Chick

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How to decorate the beautiful Everett foyer table from World Market. 

I’m pretty sure this lovely sofa/foyer table is the most famous piece of furniture in blogland or Instagram! The Everett foyer table is crazy versatile and looks SO good…it doesn’t surprise me it’s so popular.  

It’s a long table (one of the reasons I love it!), so it can be hard to figure out how to decorate and style it. When I first bought it I struggled with what to do on the long bottom shelf. 

Over the years I’ve learned it’s hard to go wrong with this piece!

I’m sharing some decorating ideas and showing you all the ways I’ve accessorized this table in many rooms.

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medium tone wood Everett foyer table

There’s a bit of a lime or white wash accent throughout:

weathered natural finish on Everett table

It’s more pronounced in some areas, not as noticeable in others. 

There’s also a whitewash finish available: 

whitewash Everett table

That one is on clearance right now! If you love the table and not the color, you could get that option and paint it. (Now I’m thinking how great it would look in black.)

Some Everett foyer table details:

  • It measures 71″ wide by 16″ deep and is 32″ tall.
  • There are two shallow drawers and the long bottom shelf.
  • World Market says it’s made of a mix of pine, acacia, MDF, veneer and plywood. (Quite the combo!)
  • It does require some assembly, but I don’t remember it taking long to put together.
  • The legs have pretty turned details: 
Everett sofa table legs

As I was gathering the photos for this post I realized how great this table looks in every room! At first I thought we just had it in our old family room and now our foyer. 

And then I remembered we also put it in our basement for awhile. And our dining room. 🙂 


It’s especially versatile because it’s so shallow — only 16 inches deep. 

We’ve used it as both a sofa table and a hall/foyer table over the years. I got my Everett table way back in 2013: 
decorating the Everett sofa table
The bigger family room allowed us to spread out, so the table was moved over to that board and batten wall:
analytical gray white board and batten

I’m a lover of symmetry, so I’m biased. But a long table like this looks SO good when balanced out with a lamp on each end: 

symmetrical decor on foyer table

Eventually I wanted to use that long bottom shelf for storage, so I was on the lookout for the perfect baskets.

I searched for months! I’m pretty sure I got these from Target and they were exactly what I wanted: 

decorating Everett table for fall

I stored the dog and cat toys in one and some of our son’s toys in the other. Perfect for easy clean up!

It's good to be home DIY art

See how well this finish works with all kinds of colors and wood tones? 

This table must look especially great in the fall because most of my pics were of it decorated for that season. 🙂

I love leaning a mirror or large art on a table like this. I eventually added a bit more to the wall above when we got our new sofa
tall board and batten wall trim

When we moved into this house I immediately placed the Everett in our dining/morning room: 

You can tell after living in a hotel for nine weeks I was craving a much simpler look. 😉 The table works great as a buffet in a dining area or kitchen because of the length. 

I later moved it down to the basement — can you tell I loved those green lamps?:
long wood sofa table decorating
I’m loving how the books and decor looked in my long DY wood trough. If you have this table, a long wood container like fills the bottom shelf beautifully. 
Eventually I moved the table up to our foyer — the size was perfect: 
Everett foyer table decor

Once I find the right combination I won’t change it for YEARS. The accessories on our Everett table haven’t changed much in the past couple of years:

Overall I’ve been very pleased with the quality. One drawer has been wonky since I put it together all those years ago, but obviously hasn’t bothered me too much! I’ve never tried to fix it in all that time.

It survived being moved into and out of our houses and two months in storage. It’s just as sturdy as the day we got it. 

Do you have this versatile Everett foyer table? I’ll probably have it around forever! Remember you can easily add your own details with drawer hardware or painting it. 

Please, someone paint it black with brass hardware and send me a picture. 😉 

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