How To Incorporate Brick Walls in Bedroom Design

How To Incorporate Brick Walls in Bedroom Design

Information about How To Incorporate Brick Walls in Bedroom Design

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An exposed brick wall exudes rustic charm and warmth at the same time. With its raw and earthy appearance, it appears to ground a room and can easily be the focal point in your bedroom as well.

How can you beautifully incorporate brick walls in your bedroom design? Here are some of the best ideas.

Painted Brick Wall in the Bedroombrick wall in bedroom

Leaving it exposed is a good idea. You can also shake things up by painting it for a modern, industrial-inspired New York loft vibe. Pick the colour of your choice.

Lime-wash it for a more natural single-coat look bringing out the rawness of the wall behind. You can also whitewash it (more opaque). An interesting variation would be to whitewash the entire wall leaving out a portion in the middle exposed. The contrast will make it an artwork in itself.

You needn’t stick to white or light colours, even deep blue and black-painted brick walls look stunning. Just team it with light-toned upholstery and light-wood furniture for a classy appearance.

It’s a good idea not to overpower it with too many loud colours – stick to whites and neutrals with occasional bursts of colour. Bring in artwork, lamps, textured furnishings, and a warm rug to complete the bedroom. Use wooden furniture with clean lines and a few metallic accents.

Just keep these things in mind before painting your brick wall: The rough texture of the wall gives a good base for the paint to adhere to. However, being a porous material, it will absorb more paint. You will also have to fill in gaps and cracks before the final coats. Make sure that you use good quality, water-based, acrylic paint.

Creating a Worn-Out Industrial LookTrending brick wall design ideas

Create the intriguing look above that appears as if the plaster has peeled off naturally. Offset it with sleek furniture in contrasting colours, and interesting vintage accents.

Shelving on Brick Walls in the Bedroomopen shelves in brick walls

Wooden shelves look great against exposed brick walls, but you can do more justice to the wall by not covering it up with a bulky cupboard. Build open shelves with an open back as well. Custom-make geometric wood shelves to showcase your books or curios.

Pick natural wood and metal as materials for your shelves for an industrial look.

Accents on Bedroom Brick Walls

accent brick walls

Leaning big-sized accents like vintage mirrors and artwork makes the space pop. You could also mount artwork and mirrors. Group some of your favourite photographs, or use spray paint for some tasteful graffiti. A pop of colour works well – bright, bold pieces of sculptures or lighting look great against an exposed brick wall. Naturally, earthy elements such as wood, stone, cane, wicker, metal accents, and greenery look stunning with the rustic nature of brick.

Tips on drilling on a brick wall: When you drill into a brick wall, be sure of its age and condition, the weight and size of the object you want to drill in. Get expert help to choose the right drill, drill bit, and technique so that your bricks don’t break off or chip away.

Layering Your Bedroom Brick Wall

You needn’t stick to a two-dimensional brick arrangement. Layer it up with a pattern of bricks protruding and receding for a striking three-dimensional effect. This gives you contrast, shadow play, and textures naturally.

Mixing Up Your Bricks

layered bedroom brickwall

To make things a little more interesting, mix up the bricks on your bedroom wall. Pick a mix of salvaged bricks, glazed bricks, and coloured bricks for a mid-century vintage look.

What If You Don’t Have an Exposed Brick Wall?

exposed brick walls

If you don’t originally have a brick wall in your bedroom, you can create the appearance of one by applying thin brick-tiles, or brick veneers, which are thinly sliced bricks, on the wall.

Ready to Feature Your Brick Wall as a Design Element?

While there are no thumb rules to follow when decorating a brick wall, expertise is needed in handling the drilling, painting, and any structural changes. Get help from an experienced firm like HomeLane if you wish to incorporate a brick wall in your bedroom, hassle-free!

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