How to Keep Your Marketing Team Motivated

How to Keep Your Marketing Team Motivated

How to Keep Your Marketing Team Motivated

Information about How to Keep Your Marketing Team Motivated


Motivation is not an easy task to maintain, especially since it is prone to increasing and diminishing even in the best of times and conditions. However, there are ways to help keep your marketing teams motivated even if they work from home, which many are due to COVID-19.  

Success for any business is dependent on how well supplied and motivated your marketing team is for completing tasks. For starters, communication is vital. Secondly, the right tools and resources are definitely something you want to make sure you can provide for your marketing team.


No matter what your marketing intent, communication between team members is essential to holding things together. Team members need to know where they are in the process of achieving the marketing plan. As a leader, it is your responsibility to ensure your team members continuously communicate with one another. To help with this task, you could:

  • Create daily and weekly check-in times (it doesn’t need to be every hour).
  • Inquire about what projects your marketing team is working on.
  • Think of a variety of ways in which tasks can be accomplished.

No matter what type of communication methods you employ, ensure they are reliable and well thought out.

The Right Tools & Resources

Having an effective team is another significant factor to consider when striving to keep them motivated. But no matter how strong or talented your team members may be, cohesiveness between each process must align to create a winning product. Not having the right tools to complete a task makes it more challenging to finish the time slot allotted. It can damper or hinder any project as well as deplete team morale. 

Keep in mind that it costs time and money to have to scramble around trying to locate supplies or know who you’re supposed to contact on any particular day. Make sure you have the necessary tools in place. For example, many remote teams are using the following tools for marketing: 

  • Project management software
  • Social media management tools
  • Laptops/tablets for mobility
  • Workstations designed for the tasks at hand (e.g., standing desks that allow work while standing)
  • Tools to analyze data

When you provide the proper tools necessary to carry out day-to-day marketing activities, your team feels supported and, as such, are much more motivated to complete work assignments. This also helps with the isolation that many are experiencing due to working remotely. 

What is more, having the right tools makes collaboration something your marketing team does not have to dread. They have the tools necessary to assist other marketers located in various departments throughout the company.


Digital marketing is not an easy task, and keeping team members motivated adds to the challenge. On top of that, the pandemic has added another layer of disruption to how people work, in general. Remote workers everywhere have to adjust to these changes, for example. For this reason, some may never return to the workspace as we know it, but hopefully, that will not be the case. Instead, all being well, remote teams will be more confident in how they work and can face future challenges.

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