How To Pick A Good Real Estate Agent » Residence Style

How To Pick A Good Real Estate Agent » Residence Style

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House hunting can either be stressful or exciting, depending on the factors in play. One major factor that can simplify the process is getting a reliable real estate agent who can help you with the exploration and sales process. One of the best-rated real estate agents is Pro Team at Keller Williams Realty. You can click here to learn more about their strong company values, professionalism, and customer-centered experience. Below are some of the crucial things you should look out for when picking your real estate agent.

Choose The Person, Not Their Background

Many agents and firms highlight their numerous listings, and all these are a good sign, but if you are looking to make the experience hassle-free, search for someone you can connect with. As you interview your prospective agents, you will get a sense of their personalities and values which should inform your choice. You should look for someone you are at ease talking to and who cares about your needs.

Look Out For Pushy Agents Who Only Care About Closing

Most real estate agents are attached to larger firms with work culture, values, mission, and vision. You can research their firm to know more, but it is more helpful to check for verbal and non-verbal cues that inform on the personal and company values. For instance, some companies push agents to close deals at whatever cost while others seek customer satisfaction, still others know how to balance both. A good agent is often focused on you, your property, and your needs rather than on themselves.

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Consider Referrals From Family, Friends, And Your Past Agent

If you know people that have worked with many agents before, seek out their recommendations. If they have had a good or simply satisfactory experience, ask them what they liked and if they would hire the same person again. If they have had a bad experience, inquire about what they disliked and what they think you should look for in an agent. Regardless of their experience, the information they give you will inform your decision-making process and help you land a good real estate agent. 

Do Not Ignore Online Ratings And Reviews

While it is good to judge an agent’s character through personal interaction, incorporate other people’s input into your decision-making. Online reviews are written by real people who give their feedback on all services. You can get such information from Google, Yelp, and the company website, among other platforms. If an agent has a good review, try checking for the values mentioned online when meeting them. Keep in mind that a highly disgruntled client will likely post a negative review to keep others from getting the same treatment, do not ignore these red flags. 

Beware Of External And Internal Pressures

In some instances, you may have internal pressures like a need for change or the pursuit of a dream home, which may easily push you to settle for the first agent you get. External pressures like a sudden work transfer to a new location, falling victim to a natural disaster can also drive you to settle for an agent without exploring other alternatives. Try to manage these pressures by taking a shorter time to interview agents or creating a shortlist of potential agents to minimize the time you spend in selection.

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Check For Availability And Good Communication

Whether selling or buying, you may end up exploring the market for weeks, even months. You will need an agent who can keep constant communication with you to keep the process smooth. You can gauge the availability of an agent from the moment you reach out to them. Look for signs like whether they call you back if they miss your call and how early they arrive at your first meet-up. Find out if they are distracted on their phone when you are meeting and if their conversations center around business.  If you see these signs, perhaps that agent is too busy and cannot give you enough time between all their clients. 

Finding a good real estate agent can seem daunting, but if you watch out for these key areas, you are more likely to make a good choice. Take time to make the right choice, and above all, trust your instincts about the agents you interview. Making a decision you agree with evidentially and instinctively will give you more peace about your choice and greater satisfaction in finding your next home.

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