How To Set Up Your Room With a Long-Term Illness » Residence Style

How To Set Up Your Room With a Long-Term Illness » Residence Style

Information about How To Set Up Your Room With a Long-Term Illness » Residence Style

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Setting up your personal space in an effective way can reduce your stress. Hunting for things you need can be time-consuming and frustrating, which is why being organized can relieve anxiety.

Being organized is crucial if you have a long-term illness. Customizing your room enables you to access essential items you need, as well as things you want. Let’s look at some tips you can use to ensure your room’s setup functions effectively when you’re coping with a long-term illness.

Have a clear path to the door

Depending on your illness, you may have medical equipment in your room. Keeping a clear path between your bed and door simplifies the medical equipment delivery process. It also makes it easier for home nurses or family members to bring you medication or meals.

A clear path also reduces your chances of tripping on items when you need to go to the bathroom or want to spend time in a different part of your home. There are pros and cons to moving your bed near your door. One advantage is the immediate access to the doorway. However, your head will be closer to the hallway, which can make it harder for you to block out noise when you’re resting.

Modify your gaming system or bedroom setup

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Gamers invest in their gaming equipment and may spend hours daily online playing video games. For gamers with a long-term illness, the ability to enjoy favorite games can be a welcome distraction from their illness.

Move your bed so you can access your gaming setup. While you may prefer a gaming chair and desk, you can adapt your setup with a bed table to hold your keyboard, mouse pad, and mouse. Using a wireless mouse and keyboard and having a large monitor lets you play from your bed when you don’t have the energy to sit at your desk.

You may benefit from investing in some changes to your gaming setup. A larger gaming monitor will be easier to see if you need to play from your bed. Your monitor should have a reasonable refresh rate. Measured in hertz (Hz), the refresh rate indicates how many times your monitor updates the visual display per second. A 60Hz monitor is a minimum requirement for gamers, although many opt for 120Hz or more.

Your monitor should also have excellent resolution. Full HD monitors are known as 1080p and have 1,080 pixels vertically by 1,920 pixels horizontally. HD monitors only have 1280p by 720p. You’ll enjoy a sharper display from a monitor with more pixels. You’ll also want to consider investing in wireless Bluetooth headphones, enabling you to enjoy clear sound during gameplay no matter where you’re sitting.

The Corsair Vengeance i4200 prebuilt gaming PC comes with an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X – Intel Core i7-10700KF processor and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super – 2080 Super graphics card. This is a powerful option for anyone investing in their own gaming PC.

Consider investing in a gaming laptop with a powerful central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU), and a large monitor so you can enjoy gameplay in bed. Besides the CPU, GPU, and screen size, the main thing to consider when investing in a laptop is the battery life. A long battery life ensures hours of gameplay before you need to recharge your computer.

Add useful items


Keeping a cooler or a small refrigerator in your room ensures you have cool drinks handy. Enjoy healthy snacks throughout the day by storing fruit in a cooler or fridge. If possible, put a nightstand beside your bed and use a power bar to ensure you have easy access to a power supply for charging your e-reader, smartphone, and other devices.

Coping with a long-term illness involves adapting your living space. Organizing your room can help you enjoy things you love while accessing the essential items you need.

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