How to Use Medela Quick Clean Products (2021)

How to Use Medela Quick Clean Products (2021)

How to Use Medela Quick Clean Products (2021)

Information about How to Use Medela Quick Clean Products (2021)

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Medela makes a number of products that you can use to clean your pumping gear. Here’s when, why, and how to use each Medela Quick Clean product.

collage of breast milk removal soap with pump parts in a wash basin, Medela quick clean wipe to be used on a wipe, pump parts in a Medela steam bag, Medela sanitizer spray with text overlay How to Use Medela Quick Clean Products

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Medela’s four cleaning products are designed to help you with two different tasks. Below are the products that you’d use for each:

  • Cleaning pump parts and bottles – Quick Clean wipes or Quick Clean breast removal soap
  • Sterilizing pump parts and bottles – Quick Clean Sanitizer Spray or Quick Clean MicroSteam bags

You’d use the one that makes the most sense in your situation for each step, but not both.

Medela Quick Clean Wipes

official product image Medela Quick Clean wipes in the package on a white background

Medela Quick Clean wipes allow you to clean your breast pump parts on the go.

  • Why to Use: Quick Clean wipes can be used when you need to wash your pump parts and you don’t have access to clean water or soap. One example of when they could come in handy would be if you were on a long flight, or if you’re in a location where you can’t be sure the water is clean.
  • How to Use: Wipe the surface of your breast pump parts with a wipe, and then allow them to air dry. If you’re using a wipe right before you pump, either rinse the pump parts after wiping or allow 10 minutes for the parts to air dry before using.
  • When to Use: These wipes should be used after pumping, in place of washing and before any sanitizing step that you’d do.

woman using a Medela quick clean wipe on a Medela breast shield

Remember that it’s better to use Quick Clean wipes in a pinch, when you aren’t able to wash with soap and clean water, versus as a regular part of your routine. You can read more on how the CDC recommends washing pump parts here.

Medela Breast Milk Removal Soap

official product image of Medela quick clean breast milk removal soap on a white backgroundMedela Breast Milk Removal Soap is an alternative to dish soap when washing your pump parts. It performs the same function as the Quick Clean wipes in cleaning infant feeding gear.

  • Why to Use: Use after pumping as a soap that may be more effective at removing stubborn breast milk residue.
  • How to Use: Fill up your wash basin with lukewarm water (enough to cover everything you’re cleaning), and follow the instructions regarding how much soap to add (3 pumps per gallon of water). Make sure all parts are submerged, and let soak for 5 minutes. Then rinse the soap off of the pump parts and let air dry.*
  • When to Use: After pumping to wash your breast pump parts and bottles.

Medela breast pump parts in a blue wash basin with a bottle breast milk removal soap held in the foreground

It’s fine to use normal dish soap instead of this specific soap, but some people find this is more effective for getting breast milk residue off.

* It’s important to note that when using normal dish soap, you need to scrub the pump parts versus just letting them soak and rinse. The instructions to soak and rinse are specific to this product.

Medela Quick Clean Sanitizer Spray

product image of medela sanitizer spray bottle on a white backgroundAfter removing breast milk and cleaning your pump parts (either by washing with soap and water, or with a wipe as described above), you may want to use Medela Sanitizer spray.

  • Why to Use: The CDC recommends sterilizing your pump parts once a day if your baby fits into certain categories. Medela Sanitizer spray allows you to do this in a more mobile way – similar to when you’d use Quick Clean wipes, such as if you’re in a hotel or camping.
  • How to Use: Spray on pump parts and let stand for at least 60 seconds. Then either let the parts air dry, or wipe dry with a clean paper towel.
  • When to Use: This spray should be used after you pump and clean/wash your pump parts as a sanitizing step.

Medela sanitizer spray next to Medela breast shield on a granite countertop

As with the wipes, you wouldn’t want the spray to completely replace other methods of sanitizing pump pumps (the most common methods are boiling, steaming, or using the dishwasher).

This is more of an extra step that you might use if – for example – you have a preemie and need to sanitize more frequently, or if you’re traveling and have no other way to sterilize your gear.

Medela Quick Clean MicroSteam Bags

official product image of medela quick clean microsteam bags with text overlay 12 pack on a white backgroundMedela Quick Clean MicroSteam bags can be used to sterilize your pump parts or bottles when you’re on the go but have access to a microwave. They are perfect for using at work.

  • Why to Use: Use after washing your infant feeding items to sterilize everything. This can be easier than boiling pump parts at home, or it can be the most convenient way to sanitize on the go.
  • How to Use: Put pump parts or bottles in the bag, add water, seal bag, and microwave as directed. Be very careful when you take it out of the microwave – I burned myself on the hot water a few times.
  • When to Use: After washing your breast pump parts and bottles.

How to Sterilize Pump Parts

You would either use Medela MicroSteam bags OR the sanitizer spray – it’s not necessary to use both, as they perform the same function. The spray is easier to use on the go in a pinch, while the bags can be used for your normal sterilization routine.

Hopefully this Medela Quick Clean product review is helpful! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

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