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Indestructible books – Fun with Mama

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Indestructible books are my new must-have 6 month+ baby item. These tough-to-tatter baby-proof books can stand up to a baby’s natural urge to explore, including their attempts to chew, rip and play. My baby’s home library is currently filled with Indestructibles baby-proof books, and here’s why you need to check them out too.

Indestructible books

Indestructible Books

Every parent dreams of raising kids who will one day turn into voracious readers. Books allow children to explore magical worlds that spark their curiosity and nourish their wild imaginations. The best way to raise a reader is to start early. Read to them as much as you can. Board books, those thick cardboard treasures of my own childhood, are still the go-to for most parents. The only problem? Babies love to put things in their mouths. And what parent isn’t well-versed in those sticky spills and messes that go hand-in-hand with most baby-related activities. That’s where baby-proof Indestructible books come in! 

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Baby-proof books

Alayna is 7 months old and she’s already a little bookworm. When I read to her, she always starts talking and making sounds. But she also loves to explore these books with her senses. She likes to listen to the sound of the pages, feel them, and yes she even tries to chew on them. Babies can explore these books in a way that feels most natural to them and without Mom having to constantly adjust or move the book away from their curious senses.

favorite books for baby

Please note that Indestructibles books are not teething books. They are not meant for you to give to your baby so that they have something to chew on. However, I do allow Alayna to explore the book however she would like when we are reading it together. If that means she puts it in her mouth, that’s fine for me.

Here are the clothing/pajamas we are wearing in this blog post:

Indestructibles were designed by a mom of triplets. I’m sure that’s why they are untearable. Some of the Indestructible books come with words and some come without words. What is great about the ones without words is that you can make up your own story.

Other ways to use the Indestructible books without words:

  • Make up your own story.
  • Discuss colors and shapes.
  • Play I Spy.
  • When your child gets older have them make up their own story.

Indestructible books

Here are some of my favorite Indestructible books:

  • Hello, Farm – Children can say hi to each of the farm animals. I like that this book familiarizes a child with the names of the different animals.
  • Baby, Let’s Eat – In this colorful book children will learn the words of the different fruits and vegetables that they are eating. Fruits and vegetables are organized by color
  • Love you, Baby – I love that you see the animals with their own precious baby’s. It makes my heart melt.
  • Baby, see the colors – I have a teacher’s heart, therefore, I love the way this book teaches my baby her colors.

Rip-proof, chew-proof, even water-proof, Indestructible books are non-toxic and specially designed to last well past that explorative put-everything-in-the-mouth phase. And when they do get a little gunky, these books are, wait for it, washable! Incredibly affordable at less than $6.00 a book, Indestructibles are definitely one of my favorite additions to my baby’s bookshelf.


Brightly colored, beautifully illustrated, some of our favorite Indestructible books include Let’s Be Kind, It’s Bath Time, and Rhyme With Me, but Indestructibles offer dozens of titles to choose from with short, sweet storylines to keep your little one endlessly entertained and engaged. Added bonus, I’m not wading through a mess of limp, chewed-out books headed to recycling the bin. Instead, they’re perfectly intact and always ready for a re-read. 

Indestructible books

Pack a couple in your baby bag, stash some in your car, tuck a few on the bed table, or give them as the perfect gift to new moms, Indestructible books are absolutely incredible.

Here are a few common questions I get about the Indestructible baby books:

Where to buy indestructible books?

You can find Indestructible books at Amazon / Target / Barnes and Nobles 

How do you clean them?

You can use a lightly wet rag or… you can even put them in the washing machine! I haven’t tried it, but apparently, they are washing machine safe.

Do the Indestructibles books have words?

Some do have words and others don’t have words.


Baby-proof Indestructible Books

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