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Kid-Friendly Halloween Movies – Fun with Mama

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Get ready for a spooky movie night with the family! We’ve gathered a list of kid-friendly Halloween movies and have even included fun printables for you to use. This is no trick – we promise, these Halloween family-friendly movies are a real treat.

Make sure to check out Halloween Activities for Kids of All Ages to include as well! You can never have too much Halloween fun this time of year.

A printable list of Halloween kids movies and a fun Halloween treat box.

Kid-Friendly Halloween Movies

Finding fun movies for kids that are all about Halloween can feel like a stressful time, but this is what this list is for. You can rest easy knowing that these movies are kid-friendly as long as you approve for them to watch them as well! There is nothing better than snuggling up on the couch and watching these spooky fun Halloween movies for kids!

We tend to start celebrating Halloween about a week or so ahead of time because it’s just that much fun to do! Put on those Halloween Pajamas for kids and adults and start checking off these wonderful Halloween movies for kids printable checklist.

Materials Required:

  • Cardstock
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Adhesive
  • Popcorn (or other treats!)

kid-friendly Halloween movies

Great Kid-Friendly Halloween Movies

Our printable list of Halloween kids’ movies is the perfect blend of not-too-spooky favorites and classic flicks. Just print it off and have your kiddos check off each movie after they’ve watched it. It’s an easy Halloween activity that requires little to no prep and is enjoyed by all ages. After all, who doesn’t love a good movie night? Take a look at our favorite Halloween family-friendly movies below:

  • Halloweentown – In this Disney Channel original movie, a young witch named Marnie must work to save Halloweentown from the forces trying to destroy it. Joined by her brother and sister, this movie is just as much about family as it is about the fight for good.
  • Hocus Pocus – This beloved Halloween flick follows the fearsome Sanderson Sisters – a group of witches from old town Salem. See them cast spells and cause chaos as they embark on a quest for immortality.
  • Casper – Not all ghosts are scary! Join this not-so-freaky little fella as he haunts Whipstaff manor – all with the goal of finding a friend. This is a perfect choice if you’re in the mood for a live-action movie with just a bit of old-fashioned animation.
  • Frankenweenie – This twist on Frankenstein tells the tale of Sparky, a beloved family pet brought back to life. Soon other pets are brought back from the dead as well, leading to all sorts of trouble!
  • Hotel Transylvania – Meet some of the world’s most famous monsters as they vacation at the Hotel Transylvania. Hilarious antics ensue, which is to be expected when the hotel proprietor is none other than Count Dracula.
  • The Haunted Mansion – Eddie Murphy stars in this spooky film based on the famous Disneyland attraction. As he brings his family to stay at the Haunted Mansion, he’s faced with the task of helping to break an ancient curse.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas – If you’re in the mood for a little music with your movie, this offbeat film is a perfect choice! Jack Skellington, aka The Pumpkin King, stumbles upon the land of Christmastown and becomes obsessed with bringing the holiday to life in his own town. Can he pull it off?
  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown –  Join Charlie, Linus, and all your other favorite Schulz characters in this truly classic Halloween movie. This is an especially good choice for younger audiences who prefer a tamer viewing experience.

Halloween movies for kids

We’ve even included a blank list so you and your littles can come up with your very own movie line-up.

Have fun coming up with some movie ideas together and then write the titles next to the checkboxes. Whether you choose to create your own or go with our premade list, be sure and hang it somewhere the kids can see it! The fridge is always a favorite spot for us.

non spooky movies for kids

Halloween Treat Boxes for Kids

Don’t forget to print out and use the included treat boxes! They’re super easy to assemble and enjoyed by young and old alike. Just cut, fold, and apply adhesive to the flaps. We love filling the boxes with good old-fashioned popcorn, but you could also use miniature candies or candy corn. They’re sure to help set the mood for your not-so-fearful flicks!

list of Halloween movies for kids

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