List Of Best Preschool Workbooks Your Kids Will Love

List Of Best Preschool Workbooks Your Kids Will Love

List Of Best Preschool Workbooks Your Kids Will Love

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Finding the best preschool workbook for your child is a bit magical…these top workbooks for 2 year olds, 3 year olds and 4 year olds are playful learning that kids enjoy.

Preschool workbooks aren’t just for the classroom. Parents can use them for enrichment learning, to catch up on preschool skills kids might be behind on, teach new Kindergarten-ready skills and for just plain entertainment!

Here are best-selling preschool workbooks we love…

These top selling preschool workbooks will keep kids 2-5 busy and having fun while learning.  Shown are 4 top selling book titles from Amazon.
Top selling preschool workbooks that are fun for kids!

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Starting early reading with preschool workbooks will give your children confidence for their first day of school! This will ready them for grade level skills that will set them up for success. They can build skills, new skills using these workbooks created by top brands in the field.

Workbooks for Kids Ages 2-5

Speaking of preschool, it is hard to ever feel ready, as a parent. I still remember how nervous I was for my son’s first day of school! It hasn’t gotten any easier as the years have gone on, with each of my children.

One thing I have found is that preparing for the first day makes it easier. So, my favorite way to prepare is with preschool workbooks and have “play school”. Play school builds confidence in their early reading and learning skills as well as how classrooms work.

Why Use Preschool Workbooks?

Preschool workbooks books can be one of the best ways to develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and more for school readiness.

  • Building writing muscles. During these activities, your child will use their pencil to follow paths and draw different shapes. This helps them to build their fine motor skills. For additional information on how to hold a pencil, be sure to see these cool pencil holders that can help little hands – 2 year olds, 3 year olds and beyond…
  • Engaging. Beautifully illustrated preschool workbooks brings the skills to life, with helpful – and silly – pictures your child will love.
  • Build confidence. Having a physical marker of progress can be super affirming for young ones!
  • Get Ahead in School. Mastery of writing skills opens children’s minds to learning new and exciting things, instead of frustration.

Spiral vs. Bound Workbooks for Younger Kids

If you are trying to figure out how to homeschool preschool, I suggest buying the SPIRAL versions of each of these books.

It makes it much easier to make copies of the worksheets so that they can be done multiple times to develop basic skills, throughout your homeschool schedule. The spiral design keeps you from destroying the book’s spine by trying to press it flat enough to get a good copy.

Best Preschool Workbooks

While these are labeled as preschool workbooks filled with preschool essential skills, kids of all ages may benefit from using these preschool activity books: Toddlers, grades Pre-K & Preschool and beyond…older preschoolers, Kindergartners needing early learning activities and even adults learning English for the first time.

#1 Best-Seller – My First Learn-to-Write Workbook!

You can set your kids up to succeed in school with a easy jump-start to their handwriting! This guide teaches them letters, shapes, and numbers and makes it fun. 

My First Learn-to-Write Workbook introduces your child to proper pen control, steady line tracing, new words, and more. This preschool workbook contains dozens of exercises that will engage their minds and boost their reading and writing comprehension skills.

Recommended ages: 3-5 years old

My Preschool Workbook

Kickstart your kid’s education! Bursting with exciting challenges, this best-selling preschool workbook combines the best features of preschool workbooks. My Preschool Workbook makes it tons of fun for your young scholar to develop the skills and abilities necessary to begin their scholastic journey.

From connecting dots and matching pictures to following paths and tracing shapes, this book has it all! It’s like getting several preschool workbooks worth of activities in one! You can always make the lessons even stronger with a wide variety of preschool reading games, we have found!

Recommended ages: 3 & 4 years old

Number Tracing Workbook for Preschoolers

This super fun preschool workbook is all about numbers! It starts with teaching the basics of how to write each number. This is done both as the number, as as the word, which helps build vocabulary!

As your child progresses, early reading skills are introduced alongside the numbers. The Number Tracing Workbook for Preschoolers is a great way to build preschool skills, before the first day!

Recommended ages: 3-5 years old

Big Preschool Workbook

Help your child take their first steps in learning how to read & write alphabets and numbers with the Big Preschool Workbook. This is one big fun preschool workbook full of colorful & engaging workbook is filled with fun activities for preschoolers. It truly makes learning feel like play.

Easily one of the best books for 3 year olds out there! Lessons include an intro to colors, shapes, some early math, alphabets & more. The progressing difficulty level keeps the challenges coming until the very end of the big book. Learning has never been so much fun while doing a little hard work!

Recommended ages: 3-5 years old

My Sight Words Workbook

Give your children the building blocks for early reading with My Sight Words Workbook. Pictures, examples, and a little monkey helper make this book friendly and fun for preschoolers to get ahead and learn the top 101 sight words. Kids can color in a star for every word they master and see their progress in real time.

This will increase their reading skill and confidence. Practice with other early reading activities will help the lessons stick! One of our favorite activities is reading blocks!

Sight words are common words like “of”, “the”, and “you” that don’t fit standard phonetic patterns and can only be learned through memorization. Sight word activities will have kids say each word, trace each word, write each word, and use it in a sentence. Then, they can tackle puzzles and games to reinforce what they’ve learned.

Check out our brand new Baby Shark Sight Word Printables – available now!

Recommended ages: 4-6 years old

Another #1 Best-Seller! Preschool Math Workbook

This preschool workbook put together a variety of different activities that are both fun and educational! The Preschool Math Workbook for Toddlers Ages 2-4 is a great way for your little one to learn basic mathematical skills such as number recognition, number tracing and counting.

All of the activities involve a variety of magical creatues and animals to keep your child engaged.

Recommended ages: 2-4 years old

Wipe Clean – My Big Activity Workbook

Endless practice is the best way to set your little learner up for success! The bright colors are engaging and the wide variety of challenge levels makes it perfect to encourage growth even in areas like social studies.

The ability to wipe clean this preschool workbook means that a wrong answer isn’t forever! It has a good amount of activities for each subject which we think keeps their interest.

Recommended ages: 3-5 years old

Check Out These Best-Selling Books by the KidsActivitiesBlog team!

Want more preschool worksheets? No problem!

Have you tried any of these preschool workbooks? Do you have any recommendations of workbooks we should add to the list?

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