Make a PVC Pipe Discovery Wall for Hours of Play

Make a PVC Pipe Discovery Wall for Hours of Play

Make a PVC Pipe Discovery Wall for Hours of Play

Information about Make a PVC Pipe Discovery Wall for Hours of Play

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This is one of the coolest pvc pipe toy projects we have done and it easily adapts to new configurations making it great for kids of all ages and an easy activity that kids can do together.

We originally called this project a “fall wall” because it is reminiscent of a waterfall wall with interchangeable obstacles and tubes to create new falling paths. In looking at other projects and toys that might be similar, the words “discovery wall” came up repeatedly.

No matter what you call it…this discovery wall made out of pvc pipes is going to be a lot of fun!

Tube play - create PVC pipes for play by creating a pvc pipe discovery wall in doors using beans
Let’s explore this discovery wall and all the different paths beans can fall!

This discovery wall project is a great way for kids to have fun learning while being creative and having fun. This activity is just ONE of the 101 Kids Activities you can find in our book,  101 Kids Activities that are the Bestest, Funnest Ever!

Has your child  experimented with tube play? If you are desperate for a couple of hours of peace you will *love* this activity! Play tubes created from pvc pipes are an easy way for kids to figure out how things work in relation to gravity.

This pvc project is a little like the water wall project that is great for your backyard.

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Make a Homemade Discovery Wall from PVC Pipes

Tubes + Kids = Hours of play!

During the summer our kids love to play with water walls. We have a collection of piping that they rig up and pour water through the pipes, making a lovely muddy mess in our “dirt pit”.

It is one of their favorite summer activities…. and now that it is winter they miss their “pouring” play.  It is why we decided we needed to figure out an indoor solution for a discovery wall.

tube play activity for kids

Supplies Needed

  • variety of PVC pipe connectors, small straight pieces and joints – we found that the 2 1/4 inch wide pieces were the easiest to drill through, easiest to pour through and still economical
  • funnel and other plastic pieces you want to integrate into the discovery wall
  • a suction cup for each piece in the discovery wall
  • large plastic bin to catch the falling items
  • measuring cups, large spoons and scoops
  • beans, un-popped popcorn or other small material that will fall through the discovery wall
  • drill
  • (Optional) glue to secure suction cups to pvc and plastic pieces

Our discovery wall set was about 10 pieces total of pvc pipe and funnel pieces. You could make a much larger set. Making at least 6 pieces will give a lot of flexility when it comes to play.

We made our entire wall with roughly $10 by shopping sales at the local hardware store and checking out the dollar store too!

tube play 2


Step 1

We drilled holes into the pipe connectors, matching the drill bit to the suction cup “fitter”.  

You want the hole to be slightly smaller than the connectors on the suction cups.    

We used a kitchen knife to help stuff the cups into/onto the PVC pipe fittings.  

Once the suction cups are firmly inside the PVC tubes, they are really easy to press onto the window. If your suction cups don’t seem to fit securely, then add some glue between the suction cup and the pvc pipe hole and allow to dry.

Step 2

Build the first fall wall on a window or sliding glass door. Try to make it so the beans will move from one piece to the next in a falling motion.

Be sure to put a bin at the bottom!

Pour the first cup of beans through the discovery wall to see how you did aligning the tubes.

Our kids played with the tubes and corn for HOURS!

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How did your discovery wall turn out? Did you use items that we didn’t think about using? Please let us know in the comments below…

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