Meet SDBFC’s Newest Lactation Consultant

Meet SDBFC’s Newest Lactation Consultant

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Vicky, tell us about yourself!

I grew up in Westchester NY and met my husband at the neighborhood bus stop in kindergarten. Our families are very close and I am the eldest of 12 cousins. I loved caring for my family and have always enjoyed working with children. At NYU, I studied child and adolescent mental health and researched child motor development. After living in NYC for 8 years, my husband and I decided to move across the country so we could experience West Coast living! We can confidently say that we love it! 

We love to travel, hike, bike, scuba dive, climb, camp, and take advantage of the year round beautiful weather here in San Diego! 

What inspired you to become a lactation consultant?

My sister-in-law is a doula and encouraged me to pursue doula work because she knows I love working with babies. Through my doula work, I discovered my passion for working with birthing families. Although births are incredibly beautiful experiences, my clients were just beginning their journey as new parents and they needed additional help! I wanted to be able to support them through not just their birth but their breastfeeding journey as well. I also really wanted to be a resource for my family and friends as they started to have babies. 

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