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Membrane Vs. Laminate – HomeLane Blog

Membrane Vs. Laminate – HomeLane Blog

Information about Membrane Vs. Laminate – HomeLane Blog

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An aesthetically pleasing and functionality-rich kitchen is every homemaker’s heart desire. Yes, the colours, the finish, and the overall design need to be synchronized, but one important aspect that many ignore is the cabinet. The most popular choices of cabinet finish available with Indian customers today include membrane and laminate. Before you start considering either of the two, it is essential to understand the difference between Membrane Vs. Laminate. The two differ in cost, material, installation procedure and duration, lifespan, and the overall look-and-feel.

In this article today, we will primarily focus on the difference between both.

The Difference Between Both – Membrane Vs. Laminate

Specification Membrane Laminate
What is? ·        Membrane is PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Foil.

·        It is foil-wrapped under high pressure around medium-density fibreboard.

·        It can have a glossy and matte, and woody texture.

·        Laminate is a set of flat paper pasted together with a plastic resin covering.

·        Shiny and reflective texture.

Look-and-feel ·        There are distinct choices, but the overall effect is smooth.

·        Looks natural and stylish.

·        With vivid and vibrant choices, it looks good.

·        Looks a bit artificial as made from synthetic materials like flat paper and plastic resins.

Edge Banding Technology ·        It is not required because the material has a fluidity that enables it to flow easily over corners, edges, grooves, etc. ·        Required so that the edges can be made smooth. Else, the edges will be sharp. The edge banding is done with Aluminium, PVC Tapes, and wooden beadings.
Lifespan ·        Highly durable and has augmented shelf life.

·        Heat-resistant

·        Less durable

·        It can get damaged with heat exposure.

·        The corners can start to get chipped

Cost ·        Expensive comparatively. ·        Cheaper and affordable.

·        The cost of installation is comparatively low too.

Maintenance ·        Minimal maintenance, but users should not use hard steel scrubbers.

·        Only mild detergent and a soft cloth should be used for cleaning.

·        Minimal maintenance. No need to use hard scrubs.

·        The material is stain-resistant and scratch-resistant.

Choices ·        Limited. Available in different textures – wooden, glossy, and matte.

·        The shades and hues are limited

·        Unlimited. You can print decorative hues and patterns on a thin surface.

·        Commendable designs and textures are present

Does it get discoloured over a period? ·        Medium chances, especially when exposed to sunlight. ·        Fewer chances because of the thin plastic covering that act as a protective sheet.

Advantages and Disadvantages – Membrane Vs. Laminate



  •       Looks chic and contemporary.
  •       Rich looks and smooth feel. Looks natural and realistic.
  •       Water-resistant, therefore, good for the kitchen.
  •       Weather-resistant, making it suitable for the outdoors.
  •       Easy to maintain and clean.
  •       Longer shelf life compared to laminate finish. Thus, the investment works out to be cost-effective.
  •       Edge Banding is not required.
  •       Heat-resistant.
  •       Not prone to deformation


  •       Needs to be carefully cleaned. The use of steel and hard scrubbers is not advisable.
  •       Only mild cleaners should be used; else, the membrane can get destroyed.
  •       Not wear-and-tear resistant. There are chances of the membrane peel coming off after a few years. Hence, needs to be delicately handled; rough and tough usage is not advisable.
  •       Not scratch-resistant. Marks can appear when hard scrubs are used.
  •       Discolouration chances are high.
  •       Costs are more than the laminate finish.
  •       Alternations are almost impossible once the product has been engineered.
  •       Limited colour choices vis-a-vis laminate finish.



  •       Pocket-friendly and cost-effective
  •       Lightweight
  •       Water-resistant, hence, suitable for the kitchen.
  •       Available in different designs and textures; hence, unlimited options for buyers.
  •       Comparatively, involve easy maintenance.
  •       Hygienic and durable.
  •       Easy to install


  •       Not a viably sustainable solution as impossible to recycle.
  •       Artificial looking.
  •       Not visually very appealing look-and-feel vis-a-vis membrane finish.
  •       Brittle material; hence edges can start to clip soon.
  •       Once the top layer is spoilt, the entire system needs replacement
  •       Repairing can be a big issue.
  •       Edge banding is a must.

Factors to Consider

Choosing between Membrane Vs. Laminate can get tricky since both have advantages and disadvantages. None out of the two is foolproof and without any issue. Many homeowners go in for an intelligent decision – they mix and match both the types to take advantage of both worlds. It may not be a viable decision for everyone, though. Hence, consider the factors given below:

  1. Cost: Cost-wise, laminates cost less while membranes prove to be cost-effective over a period.
  1. Body/Material: Laminates are made from flat paper, while membranes are from PVC. The latter has a comparatively smoother finish and sleeker look, while the former is easy to install and cheaper.
  1. Maintenance: Laminates and membranes both require minor maintenance, but you need to be careful while cleaning membrane because it needs to be adroitly handled.
  1. Cleaning: Laminates can be cleaned with soft or hard scrubs, but membranes should be cleaned only by soft cloth and mild detergents.
  1. Durability: Of the two, the membrane has a longer shelf life and is a sustainable option.

When choosing membrane vs. laminate, remember that there is no sure-shot winner. It also depends on the different factors mentioned above. If still not sure, get in touch with experts at HomeLane to viably meet your personalized pocket-friendly interior décor needs.

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