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Money-Saving Tips for Painting – HomeLane Blog

Money-Saving Tips for Painting – HomeLane Blog

Information about Money-Saving Tips for Painting – HomeLane Blog

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Without a doubt, painting your home can give it an instant uplift. It can change the way it looks and the vibes it gives out. Painting your home can give it a new look altogether.

Periodically painting your home is also an essential requirement to protect it from wear and tear; otherwise, space starts looking dull and depressing; not to forget, painting prevents fungus and other damages. A simple new coat of paint can make your home look like a new one. It is also one of the cheapest ways to breathe life into your home without burning a hole in your pocket. So, if you are considering painting your home and are searching for a cost-effective painting guide, then keep reading and discover ways of saving a few extra bucks when you paint your house. money saving tips for painting

Seven money-saving tips for your next house painting project

Decide an action plan and stick to it

How many times have you experienced it? You started with one little thing in your mind and snowballed it into something big. It happens everywhere, you step in for buying just one important thing into the supermarket and next thing you know you have three bags full of stuff you don’t need. 

Something similar can happen when you decide to paint your home, you might start with thinking that you need one new basic coat of paint and end up with a whole new furniture set. 

Pre-plan what needs to be done, what rooms will be painted, what walls will be included etc., and come up with a budget that is both practical and easy on your pockets. 

money saving tips for house painting

Sales are a man’s best friend

Why pay more if by little planning you can save a lot? Painting a home more or less is not an overnight decision, you are sure to ponder over it for a while, and if you have time in your hands, you should use it wisely. You might get good deals on paint near the holiday season, especially during Diwali. If you are thinking of painting your home on a priority basis, then you should look around a few stores to get the best deal.

money saving tips

Don’t buy more than you need

How many times have you bought something more than required thinking you might use it later but never did? Call it a force of habit, but we more often than not think one thing and do another. 

Don’t buy more paint than you need. Calculate the area of the walls you will be painting and then use a paint calculator to figure out a quantity that you require. 

money saving painting tips

Do your research

Before going to the store, do your groundwork about paints and formulas. Few paints are formulated in a way that you might not need to buy an additional primer. Don’t try to cut corners on the quality of the paint; it will end up costing you more later. Look out for paints that are of high-quality and preferably have a formulation that doesn’t require you to spend on the primer. 

Bulk-buying can save you a lot

Understandably, you might want to give each room its distinct look, painting the entire home with the same colour might not be your first preference- but when you are running on a budget, doing so can save you a lot of money. When you paint the entire home with the same colour, you can buy that colour in bulk-quantity. Bulk-quantity bottles anyhow cost less, and you can get additional good deals on the same. 

You can try using different colour accents for each room to give the space its distinguished look and feel. 

Use the right tools

Ask any expert around, and they will tell you the importance of using the right tools for painting your home. In the quest to save money, you don’t want to end up with walls that look shabbily painted. 

Ask around and see what paintbrushes will be the right fit for your home. Before buying them ask your neighbours and see if they have saved them from the last time they painted the house. 

If you are planning to buy it for yourself, then look around for deals and discounts. You should buy all your requirements from the same store to get a good deal on your purchase.

Prepare yourself and prep your walls

If you decide to paint the walls yourself, then make sure you know how to. Take a sample wall first and see for yourself. Painting the wall is not as easy as movies have made it seem. If you don’t know how to stroke the paints right, you will end up with a shabby looking wall that instead of uplifting the space will give it an uneven look. 

Also, learn about all the preparations that you will have to do before you start painting your walls. That is cleaning your walls, covering the doorknobs and switchboards etc., accidentally getting paint on things can create a huge mess. 

If you think it might be a lot for you to deal with, hire the right expert that will get the job done within the budget.  

practical money saving tips for painting

Make use of these money-saving tips when you decide to pick up the brush and paint your home. If you are looking for affordable decorating and home interior design options, then HomeLane is where your search ends. You can find multiple design options to choose from and expert support for your design solutions at a rate that will make you and your pockets happy. 

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