Monster Ice Sensory Activity – Toddler Approved

Monster Ice Sensory Activity – Toddler Approved

Information about Monster Ice Sensory Activity – Toddler Approved

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Do you have kids who love ice and sensory play? They will love this Monster ice sensory activity! It’s great for Halloween sensory play and is fun all year round!

We shared this activity last year with our membership families and it was a hit, so we want to share it with you too!

Have you ever heard the parenting tip that when kids are struggling or need a reset, just add water? That’s one of my favorite things to remember when we’re having a rough day!

Even better? Just add ice. Kids love it!

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What do you need for this easy monster ice sensory activity?

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Here are the materials to try this fun ice activity:

ice activity for halloween

Not sure about the water play in the house? Take it into the bathtub!

You can do this any time of the year-inside or outside!

How do you set up this activity? It’s so simple!

  1. Put some water, food coloring and googly eyes into an ice cube tray.
  2. Freeze them overnight in the freezer.
  3. Pop out the monster ice cubes and you’re ready to play!

We like to add these into sensory bins or dish tubs and then add tons or other fun tools for sensory play! Scoops are fun to add as well once the googly eyes start melting.

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girl playing with ice that has googly eyes embedded in it

Want a fun book to read along with this monster ice sensory activity? We love Monster Trouble by Lane Fredrickson!

Find all of our favorite Halloween books, including this one in our Halloween Books for Kids post.

Why is sensory play awesome for kids?

Sensory play allows kids to use their different senses and explore new and familiar materials.

Sensory play can also be calming for some kids and a great way to reset when they’re having a tough day.

Sensory play can often include tools to help kids build their fine motor skills which are skills that are helpful in so many other aspects of life too. Tongs and scoops are some of our favorites!

girl using tongs to pick up ice

Do you have any other favorite Monster activities you love? Or Ice play activities? Share them in the comments! We’d love to try them!

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