Most popular Drawing Room Colour Combination

Most popular Drawing Room Colour Combination

Most popular Drawing Room Colour Combination

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Your living room’s paint colours are an essential selection. Remember that your living room is a location where you’ll entertain guests, relax after a hard day at work, and where you’ll most likely spend a lot of time. Naturally, you want a colour palette that is both eye-catching and calming.

As a result, it’s not surprising that many homeowners were surprised when they discovered which most popular drawing-room colour combinations to select as the best one for heavenly habitat’s décor.

 1. Grey and whites are both urban and cosy.

According to several design experts, white is by far the most preferred living room colour this year. So, although white walls have traditionally been linked with dullness and monotony, it seems that peace and serenity are the order of the day this year.

Due to their versatility, whites can be used to complement a wide range of furniture styles and aesthetic sensibilities. So, even if your interior design tastes change, you won’t have to repaint the living room. White is a lovely colour that can be enhanced by yellow lighting. Your living room can also have a more limited colour palette by using white lighting and monochromatic décor. This year, trendy grey undertones will be a popular paint colour choice for those seeking a modern, sophisticated appearance. Modern greys can fool people into thinking you’ve painted your walls when you haven’t. It has a more contemporary look than the traditional solid whites found in many homes. It’s the perfect lounge room paint colour for those unsure of their home’s style.

2. Tranquil and muted neutrals are soothing.

Neutral hues will never go out of style, but in 2021, we’ll be moving away from grey and taupe and toward something more colourful. This year’s best lounge room colours include mocha, minty greens, mushrooms, and buttery yellows, among others. Neutral colours are excellent for those who want a constant hue across their whole home design. Furniture options are virtually infinite when utilising neutral tones, but they produce a more welcoming environment than an all-white home. Warm neutral tones are ideal for contemporary rustic designs, while cooler moderate tones are more suited to a mid-century modern home design.

3. Vibrant Blacks with a Bold Feel

Deeper colours are becoming more popular among homeowners and interior designers. For example, we find black-coloured rafters and ceilings in home types. The blue with blacks colour scheme will be famous for lounge room paint, and we expect to see many accent walls in turquoise tones in interiors in the future. Like our fundamental subdued tones, deeper colours go well with crème and golds for a softer feel and beiges and creams for a frostbitten look. When it comes to painting their living rooms, homeowners are becoming more daring. Whereas it was previously unthinkable to have a dark, dismal wall, the emergence of new ideas such as industrial design is pushing people to be more creative.

4. Flamingo Pink with Pretty Pastels

The usage of pinkish tones in our living spaces is becoming increasingly fashionable. Light violets, blossoming pinks, soft crème, and other colours make a comeback in the fashion sector. Such light, airy colours are a refreshing alternative to conventional whites and beige, and they look well in any space and with several other colours. A contrasting colour in each area is another excellent choice for those searching for a homogenous strong colour scheme that works in every room. Pinkish tones may be seen in some contexts, including bohemian-style homes, contemporary glam interiors, and modern-traditional living rooms.

5. Gleaming Greens
Green interior

While many of this year’s living room paint selections are colourful and daring, there are still options for those who prefer a more muted look. A few plants in a living room can significantly impact, especially since we spend so much time inside. Gleaming green is an excellent colour for anybody willing to go outside their comfort zone and embrace a more vivid colour. It is ideal for those who have a mid-century living room yet want to include a natural feel into their home. Shades of green evoke calm and tranquillity, which are two emotions that we all like having in our living rooms. Green is a great accent wall colour for a living room, particularly if you add a burst of colour this year.

6. Relaxing and Comforting Blues

Blues are timeless and adaptable, and they are always soothing to the eye. Adding a pop of colour to your living room this year is simple, with eye-catching blue colours that vary in intensity from the softest to the most dramatic. Although these colours make a statement, they radiate the utmost comfort and elegance. A soothing blue colour may instantly transport you to another place or time. It’s as though you’re in the midst of an aeroplane trip!

Have you chosen your hue with care? Let us design the living space of your dreams.

Now that you’ve decided on a paint colour for your living room, it’s time to add some finishing touches. You may begin a project with HomeLane right now and work with one of our experts to choose the most popular drawing-room colour combinations.

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