My Favorite 2021 Fashion Styling Hacks/Trends – A Step By Step How To Style Comfortable Clothes To Look Like You Still Have Style

My Favorite 2021 Fashion Styling Hacks/Trends – A Step By Step How To Style Comfortable Clothes To Look Like You Still Have Style

Information about My Favorite 2021 Fashion Styling Hacks/Trends – A Step By Step How To Style Comfortable Clothes To Look Like You Still Have Style

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I feel like there is a hole in the market for fashion inspiration for normal people, or more like people who care just a little about looking stylish on an everyday basis but don’t necessarily want to stand out at school pick-up or when running errands. We simply want to be comfortable, but not look schlubby or lame when/if we leave the house in our comfys. And most of us aren’t models so we don’t feel comfortable with the crazy trends that often just look dumb unless you nail it (good for you if you do!). You saw my ‘fall’ uniform a couple of weeks ago but this pulls out what I find to be the fastest and easiest way to ‘edge up’ anything comfortable and basic. Not a fashion guru over here and shooting this made me LOL a lot. I used to live next to Suzanne, who works at The Great and just always dresses effortlessly cool and would help me, but now I’m on my own. Listen, I’m trying and I’m not sure I nailed it, but we can all see for ourselves below (and also WHO really cares?)

The Sock And Sleeve POP

Sweatshirt | Striped Shirt | Jeans (similar) | Beanie | Boots | Socks (no longer available)

For the first outfit, we have a classic quarter zip, and my favorite jeans that I’ve had forever. But I can’t leave the house like this so here’s what I do – it’s a real hilarious step by step:

  1. Put on a patterned sock, one foot at a time. I like to start with my right foot, but please honor your own personal preferences.
  2. Roll up the pants so you get just a pop of a green striped crew sock. The pattern is crucial – not just a solid dark sock please.
  3. Grab boots that are fitted at the ankle (like my Doctor Martens)
  4. 1/2 tuck the sweatshirt into your waistband. Duh.
  5. Reach into your sleeve and gently pull your long-sleeved striped shirt out so you can see 3-4″ of pattern. No more or you could be arrested.
  6. Shove your sweatshirt (with shirt) up almost to your elbow.
  7. Add a textured beanie so you don’t have to do your hair, one that has a bit subtle pattern for extra credit.


1. Hansel From Basel Love Crew Socks | 2. Men’s Striped Crew Socks 3pk – Goodfellow & Co™ | 3. Women’s Marled Crew Boot Socks – Universal Thread™ | 4. Assorted Crew Socks (Pack of 3) | 5. MWL Cloudlift Sneaker Crew Socks | 6. Ella Collegiate Knit Sock

1. Slim Perfect Long Sleeve T-Shirt | 2. Women’s Striped Long Sleeve French T-Shirt | 3. Women’s Striped Long Sleeve Boat Neck T-Shirt | 4. Long Sleeve Thermal Top | 5. Tissue Turtleneck | 6. Truly Madly Deeply Frances Striped Tee

The Striped Crew Sock + Duck Boot + Tailored Wool Look

Ok, so you have your black stretch pants that you wear every day whether or not you work out, and we all have a slouchy sweatshirt. But you want to go to the farmers market and you might run into followers/readers. What do you do?? This?

Boots | Coat (similar) | Sweatshirt (similar)

I have worn this so many times, guys. Dropping off kids, popping by the farm, over to Fred Meyers. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Take tall crew socks (these are mens via Target) that have a retro stripe. Sure you could also do a different pattern but it shouldn’t be the star. (see above for more options)
  2. Place them OVER your stretch pants (I KNOW, I KNOW CRAZY) like leg warmers, then slouch them down. You need to be able to see the stripe, but it shouldn’t be straight or too tight.
  3. Throw on your duck boots (the “it boot” of the year). I got mine from L.L. Bean and I LOVE THEM. The zipper means no laces and you know how I feel about laces.
  4. Throw on a baseball hat – bonus points if it’s a small business or local merch. I love Skypark so much and it makes me feel close to Santa to wear it (it’s the year-round Christmas-themed adventure park (obviously) in Lake Arrowhead that I’m obsessed OBSESSED with). But I’ve started picking up cool hats from Breweries up here. I like the mesh ones that are adjustable because I like how they are slightly oversized.
  5. You can stop here OR you can even throw over a trench or tailored wool coat. Why not? I mean, obviously, a fleece works too, but don’t be afraid to pull out something that leans “menswear” even if it’s kinda tailored.

1. Leopard Print Coat | 2. Averdon Coat | 3. Women’s Plaid Double Breasted Overcoat | 4. Cozy Wool Blend Puff-Sleeved Coat | 5. Women’s Relaxed Fit Top Overcoat | 6. Houndstooth Quilted Long Coat

The Difference A Pair Of Vans And A Fanny Pack Can Make

The punch-up of the classic checker vans really works. I wear them with my sweatshirt onesie and it feels like an outfit (whereas normal cross-trainers or running shoes could look dorky).

Jumpsuit | Bag | Shoes

  1. Put on cool sneakers. Again, one foot at a time is recommended by our pediatrician.
  2. Put a belt bag over your head, then adjust to one side almost like it’s your armpit’s personal purse – this could be a fun leather one OR even just a more utilitarian one. I just like how they look, that is all. It feels weird wearing a “purse” with a sweatsuit but if you don’t need a big bag then what? The fanny pack that is what.
  3. Pull up your sweats to mid-calf – I have no idea why this is a thing, but it looks less schlubby, it just does.
  4. Repeat step #3 only with your arm sleeves. 1/2 way up to the elbow is advisable.
  5. Add baseball hat or beanie so that you don’t have to think about your hair with the humidity. Ideally, your hair is in a ponytail because if you have it down then go out in the rain you can look like a character in Wayne’s World when it gets curly. Pony + face-framing pieces. You know, like the Fronch.

While I don’t do too well with laces because I’m a toddler, I am eyeing a few others to shake it up below. Some classic waffle Nikes (gotta represent up here) and a couple others from Sezane, UO, FP, and Madewell (and while I think that Converse does the same thing I just can’t with how flat they are and how long it takes to lace up the high tops). I personally stay away from anything too white living up here. I’m LOVING these darker browns/blacks and greens – they feel fresh and not too ‘mom on the way to aerobics’ (not that anything is wrong with that).

1. Fanny Pack | 2. Leather Fanny Pack | 3. Desta Belt Bag | 4. Zip Closure Fanny Pack | 5. Mare Belt Bag | 6. Bella Belt Bag

1. Alex Sneakers | 2. Nike Daybreak sneakers in black | 3. Checkered Slip Ons | 4. Nike Waffle Trainer 2 | 5. Veja Dekkan Sneakers | 6. Gola Badminton Court Sneakers

The Baggy Jeans And Oversized T-Shirt Trick

Pants | Shirt | Sweater | Beanie | Bandana | Bag | Boots (similar)

This one I think looked better without the hat. I think I have slightly too much going on, but here’s what I did.

  1. Roll up pants to be high enough to show your sexy ankle. If you are from the Victorian era you might be offended at this notion. But with baggy jeans, you need to some some ‘leg’ to play with proportions.
  2. Put on tight boots that tuck in under the jean- a lot of shooties do this – or if they are elastic. They pipe right up your leg in just the right way. Work that sexy ankle shootie.
  3. Throw on a cardigan – I’m into oversized grandpa boxy ones on my frame. This does not need to be your grandpa, it could be a friend’s grandpa or if you see a grandpa on the street and you like his sweater you could offer to buy it. Just offer a fair price.
  5. Apply bandana. I like doing this loosely, almost haphazardly because I’m lazy and don’t have a ton of patience. I like the knot to be in the front or to the side.
  6. WARNING: DO NOT PAIR BANDANA WITH BASEBALL HAT. I did this last week and was mistaken for a boys scout. True story. Almost.
  7. Add crossbody bag with pattern (Madewell has straps you can buy to put on any leather bag). I love this one very much.
  8. Add simple beanie, maybe. Maybe not.

Listen. It’s cool to be comfortable. Full Stop. Maybe these little things will help us feel slightly more stylish? Maybe not. 🙂 ALSO IT DOESN’T MATTER LET’S JUST HAVE FUN IN LIFE AND TAKE IT ALL LESS SERIOUS MKAY?

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