My Friend Designed One Of My Best Friends' House And I'm Jealous, So We Shot It With My Favorite Towels To Show It Off

My Friend Designed One Of My Best Friends’ House And I’m Jealous, So We Shot It With My Favorite Towels To Show It Off

My Friend Designed One Of My Best Friends’ House And I’m Jealous, So We Shot It With My Favorite Towels To Show It Off

Information about My Friend Designed One Of My Best Friends’ House And I’m Jealous, So We Shot It With My Favorite Towels To Show It Off

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It’s with some pain and mostly pride that I can’t work on all my friends’ and families’ renovation projects (I’ve found I slow things down, hold up the process, and don’t like charging them so it just gets weird). Instead, I recommend people who I think are a good fit and often offer to publish projects when finished. Enter Max Humphrey who clicked immediately with two of my oldest and dearest friends and consequently designed their house on the Oregon coast – which is TRULY INCREDIBLE. 

So when Brooklinen reached out about a campaign, I immediately gravitated towards highlighting their very versatile move-in towel bundle (it’s SUCH A GOOD GIFT), because I knew exactly where I wanted to shoot it. It’s a total win-win. You guys get pretty design inspiration and some solid towel recommendations, Brooklinen gets their towels in gorgeous bathrooms and I get to shoot, publish and stare at photos of my friend’s house that I feel connected to even though I had literally nothing to do with it. Yes, I’ve stayed there and yes, it’s incredible. Now onto the bathrooms (with some pro design tips)…

Bathroom #1 – Color-Blocked Tile

Waffle Towel Bundle | Bathmat

Before we get started, here’s the deal: this year, I discovered Brooklinen’s mix-and-match move-in towel bundle – 4 bath towels, 2 hand towels, 4 washcloths, and 1 bathmat all for 1 price – and let me tell you, it’s awesome. There are different weights and textures for each bundle (need ultralight towels? They have ’em. Is super plush more your speed? They have that, too.) in an ever-growing spread of colors. You’re always just a few clicks away from pulling together a calm, serene bath that’s just your style. I really, really love them (and I love the ease of being able to buy towels for the whole family in a quick and easy way).

So while I’ve long sung the praises of Brooklinen’s percale sheets (my go-to – I have them on my bed right now) and lightweight duvet, I’m excited to have the opportunity to emphatically share something a little different with you today. We’re breaking down three very different baths, but let’s start with a little tour of this color-blocked beauty.

Towels | Bathmat

First – I LOVE that custom vanity. Max and my friends worked with the architects at B.B. Skidmore to bring in so much wood and warmth, mixed with the Ann Sacks tile – we are using that line at The River house and it’s SO PRETTY. I love how he color-blocked the tile both in tone and in coursing. The vertical stacking makes those already high ceilings seem even higher, right? That huge circle mirror breaks up all the straight lines in such a special and quiet way, too.


Zooming in – this is one of my new favorite styling hacks, courtesy of Max. I usually store towels in a linen closet or inside a vanity, but I loved this idea of storing them in a tray/basket hybrid on the countertop. It looks chic and simple and classic without requiring a lot of stuff, which I love. This bathroom feels so welcoming – like it’s ready for you to slip in and relax – which is exactly what I look for during the holiday season (especially if you’re preparing to host some guests!).

Take a second to ogle that grout color too – this space is a masterclass in the way that your grout can affect your tile. This putty color does a great job of reflecting all the wood and brass accents – notice how the space still feels warm and cozy despite being fully tiled?


The skylight in that tub gets me every time – it’s just so dreamy (and I’m assuming it’s Velux – so good). I’m obsessed with the size and scale of this nook, too, and the way that Max carried the tile around the front of the tub surround. It feels so polished and considered.

Waffle Towel Bundle

Gosh, that’s such a gorgeous drape, isn’t it? I love the weight of these towels. They are super soft (even after many, many, many washings) and this limited edition ink blue color is SO good. The texture of Brooklinen’s waffle towels is also top-notch – soft, comfortable, extra absorbent, and quick-drying – and they just look a little special, which I really love. It’s great when a brand finally figures out how to max out on both form AND function.

Bathroom #2 – Pretty In Pink

Waffle Towel Bundle | Robe | Slippers

Which brings us to our next bath – this warm, cheery, modern space. I love the risks taken here – and it’s a good reminder that pink can be such a warm neutral (Orlando has been preaching this for years). That light pink waffle towel (it’s called flamingo – we mixed it with white) is so pretty, so soft, and such a great way to add a pop in even a white bathroom.

Caitlin also asked me to share that she’s purchased three of those robes (two for herself, one for her mom) and that they’re “weighty, 5-star hotel-worthy, and never-take-it-off comfortable.” How cool are those slippers, too? It’s rare to find a pair that seem cozy AND design-forward, but these definitely fit the bill.


I remember seeing the plans for this bathroom and thinking that the tile with the wood was bordering being too much, but I was absolutely wrong. The combination is soft, sophisticated, and oh so warm. Max took a really classic aesthetic – the square-tiled bath – and made it feel fresh and clean and new, which is a real testament to his talents.


I’m also a huge fan of the mix of brass and black in this space. That matte hardware on the door and those switchplates are such graphic, grounding hits in an otherwise airy space. It’s a great balance. That patina on the faucet makes my heart skip a beat, too. (And keeping toothbrushes in a coffee mug? Such a tiny way to add a little more personality to your space.)


Brooklinen’s waffle towels and washcloths just add a little something extra, don’t you think? There’s something so simple and punchy about adding just a little texture to your towels (and something to be said for going tonal in your bathroom – towels don’t need to be a perfect match here, but picking linens in your primary color palette can keep things looking both elevated and quiet).

Bathroom #3 – Stacked Green Tile

Robe | Waffle Towel Bundle

The third bathroom is small and hard to shoot, but that green shower is so dreamy (I appreciate the long ledge niche) and the mix of tile + hex flooring keeps it consistent throughout. To no one’s surprise, we all wanted to highlight a set of clean, bright white waffle towels in this space. Can you imagine how fresh (and re-freshed) you’d feel after showering in a space like this?

Classic Towel Bundle

Annnd one more – a little bonus shot of another one of my favorites that I wanted to make sure to mention. This is from my own classic move-in bundle and this graphite colorway is so deep and cozy. I personally have found that I’m not old enough for expensive white towels (two words – ‘self-tanner’) but still want the high quality so I opt for gray these days to ensure that they look clean and fresh longer.

Which brings us to the end of this little tour – three bathrooms designed by a great friend (Max) for two of my best friends. I love staring at these shots, so I’m SO grateful for Brooklinen for giving us the opportunity to shoot this space so we could FINALLY bring it to the blog.

I know it may sound silly, but starting the day off (or ending the day? Either way!) with a shower and a great towel or robe really does change your mindset for the better. It makes me feel like I’m taking a second to really take care of myself (and it doesn’t hurt when the towels are this good-looking, too), which is key during this busy season. As an added bonus, Brooklinen is currently offering 20% off site-wide so you can treat yourself (or your loved ones) without breaking the bank.

Now that you’ve seen them…which bath are you? Where are you spending your spa day? I know what the EHD team says…but what say you???

Blue Bathroom Sources:
Sink Faucet | Bathtub Faucet | Bathtub by Kohler | Tile by Ann Sacks | Sconce by Rejuvenation | Vanity Hardware Pulls

Pink Bathroom Sources:
Sink Faucet | Wall and Floor Tile by Ann Sacks | Mirror by Rejuvenation | Sconce

Green Bathroom Sources:
Tile by Ann Sacks

*Design by Max Humphrey and Beebe Skidmore
** Photos by Kaitlin Green

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