double drum rattan light

Rattan or wicker basket lights {DIY or buy} | Thrifty Decor Chick

Rattan or wicker basket lights {DIY or buy} | Thrifty Decor Chick

Information about Rattan or wicker basket lights {DIY or buy} | Thrifty Decor Chick

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Adding some warmth and texture to my office with a rattan basket light over the desk. (And how to make your own!)

double drum rattan light

I LOVE the look of basket lights and have tried (unsuccessfully) a couple times to add them around our house. 

Both times I determined that the basket I was using just wasn’t the right size. I’ve also learned the basket needs to have good structure so it hangs evenly. 

I still want to add a DIY version somewhere in our home, so it will happen at some point. (Stay tuned to the end of this post for a bunch of do-it-yourself basket lights.)

I love the natural, non-fussy look and the warmth they bring to a room. I’ve had my eye out for an affordable rattan pendant for over my desk in the office — I knew it would look so good with the wood floors and green bookcase wall!
I replaced the cheap flush mount light in here soon after we moved in with this fabric drum shade pendant light:

green bookcases with desk

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It was a welcome gift from a company I worked with and I loved the round shape and the wide width. 

I soon realized I wanted something I could hang closer to the desk for more light. And I knew a more natural design would look really good in here! My husband has requested this one in his basement office so it will move down there.

Problem is, the wider rattan/basket lights (with more than one bulb) I found online are NOT cheap, even in the simplest designs. 

Since I’m getting my regular end-of-summer/heading-into-fall mojo back, I decided it was about time to make this happen!  

AND it was in stock at our local store! 

Can you believe I hadn’t been to a hardware store in three months? My butt has been in that office chair all summer because I’ve been working on back end blog stuff. 

I grabbed one of the two they had left and when I walked out to the parking lot, a woman stopped me to ask about it. She did a literal happy dance when I told her there was one left. Ha! She made my day. 

It was pretty straight forward to install — I will say if you get this particular light you’ll want to hold it up and check for wonkiness before installing. 

I had to bend parts a few places because the drum shape was a little off. I also had to hook the smaller shade a little lower on one side because it wasn’t hanging perfectly straight: 

double drum shade light fixture

But oh man, I love it!! It was just what I envisioned for over my desk: 

wood X desk vintage vogue green

I adore the warm tones of this one — I don’t think a lighter rattan would have worked as well. The added texture is so lovely! 😍

Overall I’m very pleased with it, and the price isn’t bad for the size! 

If you’ve been on the lookout for one of these basket pendant lights, they aren’t too difficult to make on your own. 

You’ll need a metal (for a more industrial look) basket or a woven version. I gathered a bunch of wicker options that would work beautifully! 

I didn’t make my own this time because I need more light over my desk than one bulb can give, and most I found only have the one. 

If you don’t have electrical in your ceiling, swag cords work great. You plug them in on the wall and then use ceiling hooks to swag them where you want your light to hang. 

This rope swag kit is so cool and gives you a more custom look than a regular cord: 
rope swag plug in light cord

I gathered a bunch of pretty basket lights under $200 (most well under $100) that can be wired or hung with one of the adaptors I mentioned above: 

basket lights under $200

Wouldn’t they look amazing over a kitchen island? Love. 

Here are links for each one: 

I found some beautiful DIY basket pendant tutorials to share with you as well! This really is a simple project. 

My friend Angela did a trio of three basket lights on her deck

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