Refreshing Ideas to Tackle the Dead Spaces in your Home

Refreshing Ideas to Tackle the Dead Spaces in your Home

Refreshing Ideas to Tackle the Dead Spaces in your Home

Information about Refreshing Ideas to Tackle the Dead Spaces in your Home

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A bare, sad-looking corner in your hall, an awkward bit of space below the stairs, or the dead-end of the hallway that no one ever goes to. Every home has these unused spaces that serve no purpose and just end up looking wrong. How can you tackle these dead zones and transform them into stylish, functional spaces that are the highlight of your décor? Here are fresh and creative ideas to breathe new life into these corners!

Relax in Style

A rattan cocoon chair is the way to go, if you’re looking to carve out a space to chill in a corner of any room! Spice it up with an Indian-style padded floor mattress and quilted seats, warm wicker floor lamps and an IKEA-style shelving unit, and you have the perfect corner for a fun, gossip-filled sleepover! Potted plants are perched on different levels of shelving, adding a sense of movement to the space.

Carve Out a Study Nook

Under stair spaces are as awkward as they come, especially because there’s not even enough space to stand up straight. Why stand, when you can sit down instead! This study nook nestled below the stairs is a warm, comforting space that is compact and functional. If storage is required, cabinetry that follows the line of the steps can be neatly fitted in.

Cosy Corners

Is reading your favourite thing in the whole world? Any unused space can be turned into a cozy reading nook. Pile up comfy cushions and fleece blankets, fill the corners with tropical plants in variegated pots, and settle down to a lazy afternoon read! Here, the light streaming in from the window is ample, but if your corner is dark make sure to invest in a good reading lamp.

Utilitarian Corner

Simple and sleek floating shelves add value to an unused corner of your kitchen, and can be used to display tableware and interesting knick knacks. A wall mounted focus lamp adds creative lighting and focuses attention on the display.

Hideaway Laundry

An awkward niche is cleverly transformed into a laundry space, neatly hidden behind folding double doors. Simple cabinetry above the washing machine holds detergent and other essentials, while the floating shelf to one side can be used to stack linen. The hanger rod is useful to air out clothes that are still slightly damp.

Highlight that Niche!

If there’s an unsightly niche that’s an eyesore, instead of trying to hide it away (which never works) try to highlight it and create a sense of purpose. This designer has painted the niche a deep blue, and installed white marble shelves to store some collectables. The artwork on the wall alongside connects the space with the rest of the room.

Tepee Magic

There’s no child who doesn’t love a tepee, and if you have any unused space in your little one’s room this is what you should be looking at! Let your child’s creativity take over, in a pretty tepee that’s the perfect setting for imaginative flights of fancy. Princesses and fairies, goblins and elves- there’s no limit to the hours of make-believe she’ll have in there!

Work from Home Corner

With home offices fast becoming the norm, it makes sense to find a quiet corner that can be converted into your work-from-home space. Here, clever backlighting highlights the peppy lime green walls, brightening up what would otherwise have been a dark and gloomy space. The rough, exposed brick wall sets an organic tone to the home office.

Clever corner

This mini bar is nestled away below the slant of a stairway, fitted with a wet sink and wooden cabinetry. The deep yellow stucco walls lend rustic charm, while the inset window opens up the space to the outdoors. The profusion of greenery adds to the farmhouse effect and revitalises the home.

Pretty as a Picture

Any bare, dreary space can be pepped up with wall shelving that houses interesting collectables. Pictures , books and an assortment of curios sit pretty in this wood-and-metal wall unit that adds visual interest and an eclectic touch to this living room corner. We love the hanging birdcage to one side, with ferns that spill out below.

Rattan Corner

If you have an eye for sustainability, this space should tick all your boxes! A rattan weave designer chair complements the leafy palm in the rattan planter. What a lovely, eye-catching way to add simple, playful warmth to a forgotten corner!

Need more creative ideas for your home? Our team of décor experts at HomeLane is ready to help. All it takes is one call, and we’ll take over!

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