Selecting the Right Pressure Washer is Essential for Your Home » Residence Style

Selecting the Right Pressure Washer is Essential for Your Home » Residence Style

Selecting the Right Pressure Washer is Essential for Your Home » Residence Style

Information about Selecting the Right Pressure Washer is Essential for Your Home » Residence Style

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Americans are relying more on pressure washers than ever before. They spent over $1.9 billion on pressure washers in 2020.

There are a ton of great benefits of using pressure washers. However, it is important to make sure that you purchased the right one. You can run into a number of complications if you don’t do your research and look at the features objectively.

Here are some reasons that you need to make sure you purchase the right pressure washer and pressure washer replacement parts for your cleaning needs.

Prevent Damage to Your Surfaces Due to Excessive Pressure

The pressure and flow rate must be appropriate for the type of cleaning project you are working. You must take into account the most difficult cleaning jobs that you will be doing.

You must select accessories according to these criteria. You must also consider how frequently and intensely you will be cleaning.

You need to keep in mind that a high-pressure cleaner can damage certain surfaces such as your terrace, façade and car by removing the surface protection of the materials or causing cracks to appear in the paint or plaster.

You might also need to reconsider whether you should use detergents, as they can be corrosive, especially if poorly rinsed.

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Avoid Overpaying for Features that You Don’t Really Need

Thermal (gasoline) pressure washers have more pressure, more flow and more power. They can also be ideal for extended use and do not rely on main power sources and hot water models make it easier to clean the most difficult surfaces. Their power is measured in horsepower (hp), equivalent to the power in watts (W) in electric motors (1 horsepower = 0.736 W). The displacement (cm3 or cc) is inherent to the characteristics of the engine – the higher the better, as the engine runs less at full output with the same power. 

However, all these qualities come at a price. Gasoline pressure washers have an engine that consumes oil and fuel (4-stroke engines) and therefore require maintenance (spark plug, filter, oil change). They are also noisier, heavier (but equipped with ergonomic wheels and chassis) and emit exhaust gases since there is combustion. In short, gasoline pressure washers (thermal) are best for professional cleaning projects in the agriculture, industry, construction and municipal sectors.

Make Sure that You Get a Power Washer that Is Easy Enough to Use

Electric pressure washers meet the vast majority of needs and are preferred for most residential projects. They have a lower flow rate and pressure, but the more powerful models provide unmatched comfort of use.

They require little maintenance (filter cleaning and winterizing) and are light and easy to handle. Their power is expressed in watts (W) and is combined with the other characteristics which are pressure and flow rate. They have a power rating between 1100 W and 4000 W.

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Get Support for the Accessories that You Plan to Use Later

There are a lot of cleaning accessories that you can use in a pressure washer. They include a lance, nozzle, rotating nozzle, brush and telescopic lance. You want to choose a pressure washer that will support the accessories that you intend to use.

The famous standard is an endangered species. If you want to have a wide range of accessories for your pressure washer, you will be forced to use an established brand because nothing is interchangeable from one manufacturer to another, as required by competition law.

Several accessories allow you to make better use of your pressure washer and improve the comfort of work, these are some of the most common:

  • Telescopic lances are essential for cleaning the facades of houses without the need for scaffolding
  • Drain and gutter pressure washers make it easy to clean drains and downspouts by removing dead leaves
  • Lance extensions make cleaning tasks more convenient by increasing the overall length of the lance
  • Nozzles are single or rotating and clean surfaces
  • floor brushes are designed for cleaning terraces
  • Guns or handles are accessories for high pressure cleaners with which lances, etc. can be attached
  • Manual rotating brushes are effective for cleaning cars, garden furniture, etc.
  • Foam guns complete the cleaning task; See foam guns for pressure washers
  • Hose extensions or extensions prevent the high pressure cleaner from moving and facilitate cleaning at height
  • Sand blasting kits are designed to expel sand with a high pressure cleaner

All of these accessories can make cleaning a lot easier. You need to find out whether your pressure washer supports them before committing to buying them first.

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