The 4-Step Guide of Pest Control

The 4-Step Guide of Pest Control

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Finding out you have a rat problem can be an utterly shocking experience for many homeowners. Having rats in your house poses a serious health risk to humans and pets. They can also do extensive damage to your property by chewing through walls and electrical wiring. Plus, for a lot of people, rats aren’t charming to look at. 

That said, if you find out you have a rat problem, you need to move fast to remove the rats and make sure they don’t return. But getting rid of rats is not so easy. 

Rats take shelter in dark, rarely accessed areas of your house, and being omnivores, they can eat just about everything available. They can also go for a month or longer without drinking water.  

However, you can still reclaim your house safely and effectively with the help of an exterminator. Here’s a breakdown of actions you can expect from a professional pest control service.  

A Thorough Home Inspection

The first step involves doing a full home inspection to assess the extent of the infestation and devise a strategy that will help get rid of the rodents effectively. 

The exterminators will check for gaps around your garage door, vents, or spaces in your foundation that rats could be using as access points. Any hole that you fit two fingers through is large enough for rats to squeeze through.  


Seal Gaps and Openings

Once the pest control professional identifies the access points that the rats use to enter your home, they’ll proceed to seal them up with suitable materials. Depending on the gaps, the exterminator will use metal kick plates, caul, or cement to keep more rats away from your property.  

Declutter and Clean

As pointed out earlier, rats thrive in places with a lot of clutter where they can hide. As such, the exterminator will help clean up areas in and around your home where the rats use as shelter. 

They’ll also point out areas you could fix on your own such as leaking pipes to eliminate potential water sources for the rats.

Declutter and Clean

Set Traps in Areas with High Rodent Traffic

Setting rat traps is the most effective way of eliminating rats. It’s a poison-free approach to getting rid of rats, with many people choosing a ‘green’ approach that doesn’t involve potentially toxic rodenticides.  

Depending on the pest control service you hire, the professionals will set snap rat traps or bait boxes to capture the rodents and significantly reduce their numbers. 

Winding It Up

A rat infestation can be a significant problem once they occupy your house, yard, or garden. But if you deprive them of shelter, food, and water, your home will be less attractive to them. 

Ensure your lawn is well maintained, your trash cans are tightly closed, and you don’t have clutter around, such as newspapers or cardboard boxes that rats can use as nesting places. However, if all fails, consider hiring a pest control service to help make your house rat-free once again. 

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