The Fall Furniture Collections And Collabs That REALLY Caught Our Attention...

The Fall Furniture Collections And Collabs That REALLY Caught Our Attention…

The Fall Furniture Collections And Collabs That REALLY Caught Our Attention…

Information about The Fall Furniture Collections And Collabs That REALLY Caught Our Attention…

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Tell me if you think this is weird: I click through every single spammy, selly email that comes into my inbox. Like I’m talking Bed Bath & Beyond to Uber Eats (and I’ve never even used Uber Eats, I’m more of a Postmates gal myself). But seriously this is true. I wake up, brush my teeth, open my computer and see “170 unread emails” and I know they’re all from huge brands that put the subject line as “LAST CHANCE TO BUY” or “HOT NEW SALE” so I almost never read them all the way through but I click every single one until I have no more notifications (and yes I’ve tried to put them in my junk inbox and I’ve tried to “unsubscribe” but somehow they always find their way back).

Now because I do this, sometimes 1 out of the 170 emails will catch my eye, especially if the subject line is “your flight confirmation” when I didn’t book a flight and then I realize it’s just a company trying to get me to click. And I do click. But sometimes the subject line is more simple like: “Lenny Kravitz just partnered with CB2.” AND I FRICKEN CLICK. The point is email marketing definitely works on me, but it’s not that often that they make me stop in my tracks and write a blog post about them. Last week, it was not 1, not even 2, but 3 emails that made my heart hop skip, and then jump. And, judging by the title I’m sure you can guess they all have one thing in common: new furniture collections and collabs. I’m sure you’re anxiously waiting to dig into them like I am (especially since I just brought up Lenny Kravitz), so let’s dive in…

I say we start with Anthropologie because 2/3 emails that made my heart flutter were from them and it’s ultimately what started the need to write this post. OH BOY their new fall collection is hitting different, let me show you:


images via anthropologie
image via anthropologie

So speaking of the emails, I received TWO look books from Anthropologie. The first one is this kind of eclectic english granny vibe that’s AWESOME. I’m heavily into this gorgeous bench and these crazy fun floral chairs…that fabric is SERIOUSLY SO FUN.

Here are a few more picks: This VERY floral sectional, this pretty mirror, this ideal nightstand, and this great leather woven ottoman.

Then the second lookbook that graced my email was this more relaxed, calm, cool, collected one.


image via anthropologie

Okay…THAT COFFEE TABLE and its cousin, THAT CHAIR. They brought the fire and now it’s getting hot and heavy in here. I’m unsure which collection I like better because they’re both SO GOOD…like one feels brighter and happier and the other is curvy and sexy in a quiet way. To make a decision for yourself you can explore more of their house tours here, or you can just shop their new fall product here.

A few more picks: This awesome wicker floor lamp, this perfect still life wall art, this killer sconce, this sweet wire basket, and this wood mirror (BIG fan of the smaller size)


image via cb2
image via cb2

I know I’ve been talking about the furniture making rooms hot and heavy but I swear I did not come up with “a seductive global aesthetic.” My guess is that was all Lenny 🙂 Seriously though, I LOVE Lenny Kravitz in the design world (have you seen the Stanley House he designed? The main bedroom is SO GOOD). Honestly, it was only a matter of time before he did a collab with CB2 (I’ve been waiting). My favorite pieces are would be the lighting (like this lamp or this pendant) and this corduroy armless chair If you want to see more of the collection, you can click here.

But also here are a few more must-sees: This graphic rug, this luxe yet organic stool, this incredible bench, and this special side table.

image via crate & barrel

When we were discussing these new fall collabs/collections, Emily just kept saying “ooh the Crate & Barrel one, include the Crate & Barrel one.” It is so delicious you guys. Jess cannot stop talking about how good this chair is and I can’t get over the fact that this couch looks like it’s a vintage find but it’s brand new (and delivers to your door). Last thing I’ll say is I want this rug. You can shop it all here.

You know I have a few more: This textured table lamp, these beautiful centerpiece bowls (very studio pottery in the best way), this great console table, and this perfect side table.


Urban Outfitters has really been stepping up their game lately. Last year, they came out with the Isobel Collection which totally changed the game for trendy new furniture collections. They stepped it up this year with their Pied-à-Terre collection, which features this AWESOME cane bed and this really really good and sculptural dining chair. While this collection is more sophisticated, don’t you worry because they have another collection that’s totally avant basic –– cool aunts, you’re nieces will probably love anything from this UO fall collection called Scani Crush (cute name IMHO).

Some more for your eyeballs: This burl wood (I repeat, burl wood!) console table, these very cute curtain tie-backs, and this great bar cart.

image via soho home
image via soho home

It’s all about the sofas in the new Soho Home collection…I mean LOOK AT THIS. Okay but this rug is also just really great. So is this stool. Gah, it’s really everything about Soho Home – they’re DRIVING furniture design right now and it’s not hard to see why. I just. love. them.

Ok, two more: This dining table and this end table. AH!

Kindred Collection

image via lulu and georgia

Okay, THIS collection has some beautiful furniture pieces (like this bench and this console table) but the real star of the show is the wallpaper created by artist Malene Barnett. The Bequia wallpaper in indigo is so beautiful (look at the photos up close to see all of the gorgeous colors in there) but my favorite has to be the heritage wallpaper because of the insanely pretty texture – it truly looks like it’s handpainted!! 10/10 recommend this wallpaper collection for pretty much any room in your house – it’s AMAZING.

So those are the fall furniture collections and collabs that we could not stop talking about, so we had to share them with you guys 🙂 Oh and of course go check out Emily’s favorites from Target. It’s FULL of really awesome stuff that she did an entire post about. Hopefully, you enjoyed this and if you have any more collections you’ve been staring at for a little too long – let us know in the comments below!! I’d love to CHAT!!!! See ya down there in a bit.

Opening Image Credit: via Crate & Barrel

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