The Link Up: Em’s Tall Boot Dupe (That’s Affordable), Jess’ HIGHLY Reviewed Nail Care Hack, And An Umbrella That Is Too Cute To Miss

The Link Up: Em’s Tall Boot Dupe (That’s Affordable), Jess’ HIGHLY Reviewed Nail Care Hack, And An Umbrella That Is Too Cute To Miss

Information about The Link Up: Em’s Tall Boot Dupe (That’s Affordable), Jess’ HIGHLY Reviewed Nail Care Hack, And An Umbrella That Is Too Cute To Miss

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Happy Sunday! It’s been a pretty nice week with 3 reveals (this one, this one, and this one) and a fun visit from Em. The gang was back together and it was glorious. We hope you all also had some nice moments this week that will only be made better by these nice links:)

In honor of Caitlin’s birthday week and her love of maximalism (and this designer who just happens to also be a Caitlin) check out this wildly cool nursery tour by Caitlin Murray of Black Lacquer Design. It’s happy, modern but incredibly whimsical. Oh, and the one and only Sara Ligorria-Tramp shot it!

From Emily: A lot of you responded to my Mille boots because yes they are very good — but while shopping for a Target shoot I found some dupes that are surprisingly excellent and comfortable because they have a memory foam sole. So comfort is a definite check. Is anyone interested in a fall boot post?

From Ryann: I spend an unholy amount of time browsing Etsy, usually looking for new vintage shops where I can find weird one-of-a-kind pieces that will bring personality into my home. But at times, searching for decor on Etsy is tough because there is SO much to sift through, and if you don’t have a specific search term for what you are looking for you can spend hours looking through hundreds of pages. That is why I always refer back to this post, which has all of our favorite Etsy shops in one place! It’s a great resource if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for and just want to browse curated vintage finds from all over the world. I’d also add this shop to the list, which has a ton of eclectic pieces from kitchenware to furniture and lighting.

From Caitlin: PSA that Lulu & Georiga’s anniversary sale ends on 10/19! You can grab 25% off sitewide (as the person who makes all your holiday sale roundup posts year-round, I’m confirming that this is a SLAMMING deal) with code CELEBRATE. Some EHD tried-and-true favorites: Emily’s go-to coffee table, a dreamy demilune side table (the semi-glass smoked top makes it a DREAM for avoiding fingerprints), this hearty statement tray, and this absolute stunner bed by the supremely talented EHD alum, Ginny. We also LOVE this rug from the new Nina Freudenberger collaboration – eyeing it for a few projects we have in the works! BIG SAVINGS, GUYS.

Also From Caitlin: My all-time favorite white popover top (business casual approved for those of ya who are back in office!) is somehow only $14.99 at Madewell right now!!! You may have seen me in it on the blog before – it’s a go to whenever we contribute to fashion posts because it’s just so easy to slide on – and I love it, especially on those days where I need to look put together but I want to feel super comfortable. It looks great french-tucked and it’s a dream to layer under other sweaters or coats, especially at this time of year. I don’t know why it’s so cheap right now (if they’re discontinuing the style, I WILL WEEP) but boy, what a total steal!!!

From Mallory: In need of a good new book? I’m halfway through Greenlight by Matthew McConaughey and I LOVE IT SO FAR. His perspective on life is so fun and refreshing. If you want to cuddle up with a good book by the fire in the near future, I highly recommend.

Also from Mallory: In need of a good, affordable “layering” kind of denim jacket?? I found this bad boy at Target for $30 and have worn it almost every day since I got it. It’s certainly more of the “oversized” fit which is fun because you can comfortably wear a sweater over it and I know it’s going to last a super long time in my closet because these never really go out of style (my last denim jacket was $15 and I’ve had it since freshman year of HIGH SCHOOL and I still wear it – no joke).

From Jess: I found the most perfect faux plant (for $15!!) that works for all seasons! It’s this one and when I saw it I knew it had to come home with me. These are impossible to kill, right??

Also From Jess: For my birthday, I finally dove into the world of Gel X. This is my first time getting any sort of “fake nails” despite my desperate plea to my mother in middle school because “ALL the girls had them.” Honestly though, it was for the best (okay mom, you were right!) and for the health of my nails. Now Gel X is suppooooosed to be better for your nails than acrylics but I want to stay on top of it if I’m going to continue (and honestly I LOVE them so this is likely). The other week I was listening to a Forever 35 podcast mini-episode and Kate (one of the hosts who says she has weak nails) was recommend Hard As Hoof nail cream by a listener that SWORE by it. And with a 4.5 star rating from 45,596 reviewers (WHAT?!) I think it’s the move. So once I get this first set off, I’m going to take maybe a week off, hoof it up then Gel X it u again. I’ll let you know how it goes!

From Albie: In case you didn’t know, I live in the Pacific Northwest, and while I do think the stereotypes of how often it rains here are slightly exaggerated (I’m from NYC) it does rain often, especially in the fall. With the mini in school now, I thought it high time she get her own umbrella. I used to always want my own clear bubble umbrella way back when, but I never got one. Something about them was always just so attractive to me + living in NYC, a wide canopy umbrella was a pain in the butt to navigate on the crowded sidewalks, and a bubble umbrella just seemed like it could be a way better option. All these years later, I decided may mini’s first umbrella would be — you guessed it — a clear bubble umbrella… except hers has rainbow polka dots on it because why not. It’s the perfect size for her, so she’s not struggling to hold on to it & keep it steady like she would with even the smallest adult-sized umbrella; and she feels super grown up with it while I get the satisfaction of knowing it’s keeping herd dry. Who knows… I may just finally get one of my own (in the adult size of course) because the quality is pretty impressive. 

Ok that’s it! See you tomorrow for another very exciting EHD reunion;)

Opening Image Credits: Design by Black Lacquer Design | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | via Domino

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