The Link Up: The “Cool Dad” Jacket Brian Gets Endless Compliments On, Jess’s Perfect Fall Madewell Jeans, And A Tried & Tested Bag That Keeps Your Toiletries ORGANIZED

The Link Up: The “Cool Dad” Jacket Brian Gets Endless Compliments On, Jess’s Perfect Fall Madewell Jeans, And A Tried & Tested Bag That Keeps Your Toiletries ORGANIZED

Information about The Link Up: The “Cool Dad” Jacket Brian Gets Endless Compliments On, Jess’s Perfect Fall Madewell Jeans, And A Tried & Tested Bag That Keeps Your Toiletries ORGANIZED

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Hey hey party people and design lovers! How are you guys? We’re fully diving into fall around here and are lighting candles/making soup pretty much every day (well, Emily does that all the time anyway). Let’s jump right into another fun edition of the link up.

Did you see Caitlin’s Balcony Reveal on Friday?? She totally gave the space some elements of Palm Beach/Beverly Hills Hotel/Hollywood regency fun, so to keep with the pattern we have going…here’s a VERY FUN home tour by Amirah Kassem and designer Elizabeth Backup. If you’re into the pink/banana leaf/bright/fun/regency aesthetic this one is for you. Let’s talk about that dining room…and the wallpapers??? WE LOVE IT.

From Em: Fun Fact. Before Ariel Fulmer was THE Ariel Fulmer, she managed The Flea at EHD we used to have and we love her so much. So it’s been very fun to watch her and her husband Ned’s careers and influence blow up via her designing and The Try Guys. I ran into her last week in LA and it was such a treat and reminded me of what a good human she is. If you’re looking for two fun follows follow Ariel and Ned. And guess what?? They published a cookbook called The Date Night Cookbook. Full disclosure I haven’t received yet but I’m excited to help support these two people and cook up some delicious meals with my date:)

Also From Em: Everybody asked this week where Brian’s jacket was from. He did HOURS of research to find the perfect “cool dad jacket” (trust me). It’s the perfect combo of utilitarian and cool guy in our opinion. Surprisingly it makes him look broader than he actually is (which he really likes).

From Anne Sage: My whole life I’ve been “that person” at parties who would rather sit on the floor than on the furniture. And as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that the world can be divided into two types: People who look at me like I’m crazy when I decline a spot on the sofa, and people who scream, “OMG I’m a floor sitter too!” Nicole at Bente Vintage is the latter, a fact we bonded over when we first started tossing around ideas for a collection. We decided then and there that the world needs a curated selection of rugs chosen with floor sitters in mind. These rugs are ultra-soft and inviting—a necessary quality when your derriere is in direct contact with them—but they’re also unusual and offbeat in colors and patterns you won’t have seen elsewhere! Some are vintage and completely one-of-a-kind, while others we had specially commissioned and can be woven-to-order if you need a different size than what we have listed. And of course, we included some striped throws with massive pompoms in the mix. Because as any seasoned floor sitter knows, the only thing better than a cozy spot on the rug is a big ol’ blanket to go with it! Check out the collection here.

From Ryann: It’s possible I have recommended this facial hair removal tool before, but since I’ve had it for a year and still use it regularly I figured it deserves another shout-out. It’s saved my life on more than one occasion, where I am about to leave for a party or event and at the last minute I notice some unwanted hairs above my upper lip. It’s so easy and painless to use and it works!! I know we’re not supposed to “shave” our upper lip because it could cause the hairs to grow back thicker, but honestly I think that is a myth. In any case, this little guy is really useful to have in a pinch!

From Mallory: My boyfriend, Chase and I have had a toiletry bag problem for YEARS. Meaning, we’ve found it’s VERY difficult to find a bag that organizes your stuff well when you’re traveling so you don’t throw your hand at rocket speed into an abyss of lotions, shampoos, and oh yeah, RAZOR BLADES. Enter the Freegrace hanging toiletry bag. Chase actually found this from a Youtube video and was immediately like ‘I NEED THAT.’ So for his birthday, I bought it for him (and pssst it’s only $15!!) I cannot even tell you how this $15 has changed both of our lives for the better. You can hang it up on a towel rack or shower or whatever too so you can actually SEE everything you have!!! No more playing roulette in the abyss of your toiletry bag!!! If you’ve ever had this issue – it’s time to snag yourself one of these bad boys.

Also From Mallory: Meet my favorite fall statement jacket. I’ve never had a jacket this cool in my lifetime. ever. But me and this jacket are truly BFFs. The shape of it is so special – it’s got those kinda cool-girl balloon sleeves but it’s still structured – plus that pattern is VERY COOL AND CHIC!! Especially for fall!! Also – I went into the store to try it on and the nice man working there told me it was inspired by Amelia Earhart (their entire collection right now is inspired by badass women). I was sold and now have worn it almost every day 🙂

From Albie: With the mini in school full time again, I knew masks would be part of her daily wardrobe… but she’s still a kid, and as such, I wanted to make her mask-wearing as easy on her as possible. Since her school has designated mask-free times & zones (not to mention lunchtime) I didn’t want to risk her losing her mask or putting it down somewhere gross. These lanyards are the perfect mask accessory because she can hang her mask around her neck when she’s wearing it & easily put the mask back on when needed. They clip really well on both her reusable & disposable masks, and come with an easy snap feature if she needs to quickly get it off her neck. The color assortment + her mask assortment makes the whole thing seem more fun, like picking other shoes for the day. 

From Jess: It was time for a new pair of jeans. While I love my Madewell Perfect Vintage pair, I wanted ones that didn’t stretch out so quickly (and by what feels like a whole size sometimes). So when I went to the store, tried on this pair (I’m in between sizes so I sized down for the snug fit I wanted), and have been super happy with them since! They stretch out a little since they aren’t a fully rigid denim but it doesn’t bother me. Big fan!

Also From Jess: Let’s get personal, shall we? I am a big toilet paper over user. It’s a horrible habit that I’m trying to break but in the name of “feeling clean”, it’s not an easy one to change. Cue Fresh Peaches Toilet Paper Gel. I heard about this product from the Add To Cart podcast with Kulap Vilaysack and SuChin Pak and man was it a convincing pitch. It basically solves the problem of wanting to use a wet wipe but also not wanting to hurt the earth or your pipes. So instead, you just put a little dab of this on the toilet paper you were already going to use and BAM you feel cleaner and apparently use less paper. And no it doesn’t make the toilet paper rip apart! Veronica and I tested it out and she already “added to cart”.

From Caitlin: There’s 20% off at Anthropologie this weekend and OH MY, their whole site is GREAT for inspiration and online window shopping. I’m not really in the market for anything right now but the styling on their product shots right now is so beautiful and elevated and delightful to look at! If money were no object, I’d buy out the whole holiday section in a heartbeat – everything just looks happy and cheerful and bright. Hats off to everyone involved in getting those shots set up and styled because Anthro FOR SURE has the best visually merchandised home store on the internet right now IMO.  (Please, someone, confirm that I’m not the only one who just likes scrolling decor sites on a weekend morning! It’s just so relaxing and fun :))

Opening Image Credits: Design and Photo by Anne Sage and Bente Rugs

Breaking Story – The Link Up: The “Cool Dad” Jacket Brian Gets Endless Compliments On, Jess’s Perfect Fall Madewell Jeans, And A Tried & Tested Bag That Keeps Your Toiletries ORGANIZED

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