Tips to freshen your home for spring

Tips to freshen your home for spring

Tips to freshen your home for spring

Information about Tips to freshen your home for spring


The best way to enjoy spring is to give your home a refresh by thoroughly cleaning and adding spring décor. Cleaning your home steadily and consistently would save your home from feeling stale and freshen it up. Although not everyone enjoys the painstaking process of housecleaning, it’s a task that we all need to complete. To get you started, continue reading the tips to freshen your home for spring.

Simple cleaning tasks like dusting, sweeping the rooms, and organization will ensure your home is refreshed so you can sit back and enjoy the perfect spring breeze coming through the windows. Besides cleaning, it’s fun to add spring decor such as colors and patterns to compliment the clean home. It gives my house a fresh new look!

Here are a few tips and ideas on how I freshen my home at a low-cost plus leave my house looking like a place of comfort and calm.


I know this may seem small, but declutter things such as mail, clothes, books, and other items we usually find scattered throughout the house. Purging the stuff I no longer find useful makes me feel organized. Dejunking is an imperative organizing tip that maximizes your home’s space and allows for effective cleaning.

Consider taking one section of the house at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Create adequate space for clothing, shoes, books, bags, and more. I personally love the storage and organizers found at Target. They add such an inviting space for closets, bathrooms, kids’ rooms, and the kitchen pantry. 

Hampers or baskets are my absolute favorite because it allows me to store things with ease to create a clean and inviting space. 


Opening windows can make the home clear of indoor pollutants, make it smell fresh, and allows a cool breeze to flow through the house just in time for spring. After a long winter season, we can all use some fresh, natural air. Consider replacing thick and heavy curtains with light, sheer, airy ones to improve air circulation in your home. This will add extraordinary freshness to your home.


After decluttering and opening the windows for fresh air, cleaning is the next task to refresh your home. Start by cleaning the window seals with a damp cloth, allowing even more fresh and healthy air into the house as there would be no dust on your windows after the thorough cleaning.

Next up the floors, sweeping, mopping, shampooing, and vacuuming to give a clean new look. Don’t forget to sanitize every nook and cranny of your floor thoroughly. After the floors, tackle the baseboards. If the floors are clean and your baseboards look shabby, it takes away from all your hard work. Here are a few tips to effectively clean your baseboard by HGTV

Lastly, tackle the part of your home that you find yourself continually cleaning, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, pantry, ceiling fans, shelves, and drawers.


Adding flowers to the home always adds beauty, accent colors and brightens the space. You will find so many beautiful colors and, there are various color options to explore. As much as I love real flowers, I have a few favorite faux flowers as well that add a beautiful look for spring. I absolutely adore the blush Anemone & Ranunculus Bundle at the Pottery Barn.

Glass jars and containers filled with peddles and shells are cheap alternatives to flower vases. Bright tulips, hibiscus, or roses sitting pretty in the corner of your balcony or sitting room helps to add to the existing beauty of your home. 

If you opt for real, different seasons call for different flowers, and the outdoor weather can affect the flowers indoors. I find many DIY options on Pinterest to make green house plants and flowers to add to the home’s perfect flair. The entryway, for example, might include some cherry blossom flower arrangments to add a tender and elegant feel. 

Let’s not forget to add some flowers and plant shrubs outdoors to enhance the curb appeal. 


A perfect time to renovate is during the spring season. Small interior renovation projects may range from updating the lighting, painting, fixtures, and furniture. You can rearrange your home furniture to make the home feel more welcoming, comfortable, and even spacious. When I think of spring, I think of bright colors; therefore, replace dark furniture and upholstery used during winter with lighter colors to give your home’s decor the spring effect.

Lights, lights, lights will add to the indoor and outdoor space.


The spring is generally a fresh start or new beginning. It’s an excellent opportunity to adopt a new lifestyle, especially in home decoration, and freshen your home. You can kickstart your summer by painting your whole house or room by room.

Adding a coat of paint or two to your home will brighten and revitalize your home. Spring provides the best temperature for painting the house as it makes the color protected and lasts long. Winter tends to have a harsh effect on paints because the moisture resulting from rainfall, snow, and frost, harms paint as it causes it to swell or softens, which leads to peeling and blistering.

Ultimately, painting indoors and outdoors will add to the beauty.


The last tip to freshen your home for spring is to change up the textiles. Materials, patterns, and colors are elements to consider in brightening and freshening up your home using summer fabrics. New sheets or duvet covers, slipcovers for couches and armchairs, drapes, throw blankets and throw pillows, and even table linens are places to switch up fabrics to give your home a spring feel.

Textile materials used in the spring tend to be lighter in weight than winter materials. Breathable fabrics that allow for proper air circulation and won’t trap heat such as cotton and linen. Silk is an excellent springtime fabric as it makes your home and body comfortable and calm.

Several patterns, such as polka dots, checkered, floral, bold stripes, are modern design patterns that would give your home a classic and tasteful look. Brilliant patterns and bold combinations can make your home look professionally designed with minimal effort.

Science has proven that color affects a person’s mood, which means changing the colors in your home can add to how you feel as you enter a room. Spring colors should make you think of sunshine, happiness, and bright flowers.

These are all cost-effective tips to freshen your home for the spring with an ambiance of comfort and freshness without breaking the bank or needing any massive renovations. 

Have a healthy and lovely spring!

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