Trending Wooden Inspired Kitchen Designs

Trending Wooden Inspired Kitchen Designs

Trending Wooden Inspired Kitchen Designs

Information about Trending Wooden Inspired Kitchen Designs

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For thousands of years, humans have made use of wood in numerous ways for making our lives easier. From wheels to houses, we have made optimum utilisation of wood in almost all aspects of our life. In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that wood, as a resource, has played an important role in the evolution of humankind. 

Interior design is another major aspect in which we have used wood to portray our skills and creativity. At the hands of a talented interior designer, wood is an important element that can make any space come to life.

Boasting different texture, look, and feel, wood can be used in more than one way to design your kitchen space according to your taste. In this article, we bring you some trending wooden-inspired kitchen designs.

Minimalist Wooden Kitchen 

This style is for those who are a fan of everything minimal. If you believe in the mantra “less is more”, you should definitely include this design in your dream home. The minimalist wooden kitchen design can be easily implemented into your dream home irrespective of the designs of the other rooms.

  • Advantages – The capacity of the minimalist wooden kitchen design to blend in with all types of design is undoubtedly a significant advantage.
  • Disadvantages – Not an ideal option for those who dislike too much unutilised space.
  • Materials- You can either stain varnish the wood to give it a darker shade or go for wood like maple or oak, which are lighter in the shade depending on the tone of your overall design. 
  • Must-have – A sleek wooden kitchen top, single-toned cabinets, and hardwood flooring should give your kitchen a complete look.

Laminate Wooden Kitchen 

Laminate wood is an excellent tool available at an interior decorator’s disposal. Laminated wood can accentuate the look of your entire kitchen and convert it into more than just a place to cook. If sleek, shiny, and contemporary are the words that best describe the look you are going for, then a laminate wooden kitchen is the style you should choose. 

  • Advantages – Laminate wood kitchens are very stylish and contemporary. Laminates are also generally less expensive than wood. The scope for customisation is much larger. Easy to clean.
  • Disadvantages – The life of laminates are generally lesser than wood. If damaged or scraped, in most scenarios, replacing the entire surface is the only solution.
  • Materials used – Veneer is the most common laminate used on wood.
  • Must-have – Laminated cabinets, kitchen top, and a dining table will complete the look you are going for.


Contemporary Wood Kitchen 

Contemporary is one of the most popular wooden inspired kitchen designs there is today. For homes and apartments situated in cities, there are very few better options than contemporary wood kitchen designs.

The interior designer gets to make the best use of their creativity when a customer demands a contemporary wood kitchen. Compact and foldable cabinets fitted into nooks and corners of the kitchen is one of the highlights of contemporary wood kitchen designs used nowadays. 

  • Advantages – Contemporary wood kitchen designs are tasteful. They are suitable for modern apartments and are suitable for kitchens of all sizes.
  • Disadvantages – Relatively more expensive. Requires more maintenance as compared to some other styles.
  • Examples of contemporary kitchen designs – Bespoke, modular, etc.


Raw Wood Kitchen

If you are leaned towards a more natural, rustic look, Raw Wood design is the apt option for you. This wooden kitchen design retains the natural look of the wood. By implementing raw wood kitchen design, you can elevate the entire style of your home and make it truly a dream abode. 

Advantages – Raw wood kitchen designs are hassle-free. As no extra laminating or coating needs to be done, your dream kitchen can be set up relatively quickly. You can add different textures and colours to the kitchen theme by using different types of wood.

Disadvantages – This design has a more rustic appeal to it and is not apt for modern, contemporary homes.

Materials that can be used – Teak, mahogany, oak, etc. can be used in their natural forms for implementing raw wood kitchen design.

Custom Design Wood Kitchen

In this, you don’t have the limitations to stay within the boundaries of one particular style. Mix and match different styles of wooden kitchen designs to create your own dream space. Use raw wood to style cabinets that suit your taste, or use laminated wood to create a spacious kitchen island; the choice is yours. With the help of a talented interior designer, you can use the custom wood kitchen design to create your desired kitchen space.

  • Advantages – Ability to mix and match multiple wood-inspired kitchen designs. The potential for creativity is relatively more.
  • Disadvantages – It could be relatively more expensive as compared to some other kitchen designs.
  • Materials that can be used – There are no limitations on the materials that can be used in this design.

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