Unimom Opera Breast Pump Review (2021)

Unimom Opera Breast Pump Review (2021)

Unimom Opera Breast Pump Review (2021)

Information about Unimom Opera Breast Pump Review (2021)

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Need a breast pump? The Unimom Opera is a unique hospital-grade breast pump that has twin motors and allows you to customize your settings to get the most milk. Here’s a complete Unimom Opera breast pump review.

product image of Unimom Opera breast pump with two sets of breast pump parts on a white background with text overlay Unimom Opera breast pump review

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What is the Unimom Opera?

The Unimom Opera is a double electric breast pump, which means that one or both sides can be pumped at the same time. It’s closed-system, so the tubing and motor are protected from breast milk getting into them.

The Opera is a good choice for breastfeeding parents returning to work or for exclusive pumpers.

woman holding Unimom Opera breast pump in one hand along with one set of pump parts. The pump is running and the timer is at 14 seconds. The hardwood floor is in the background.

What features does the Unimom Opera have?

The Unimom Opera has a bunch of great features:

  • It has a rechargeable battery and a handle, making moving around the house while you pump easy.
  • The Opera has twin motors, which allows you to use different vacuum strength settings on each side. (Some people need stronger suction on one side versus the other to get the most milk, and this is one of the few pumps that allows you to do this at the same time.)
  • It has a backlit screen and a night light, so it’s easy to pump at night without turning lights on (this can make it easier to go back to sleep after you’re done pumping).
  • You can adjust the cycle speed (how many times the pump pulls in a minute).
  • It allows you to pump in four different operating modes – single pump on the left or right side, alternate between them, or pump both sides at the same time.
  • It’s a hospital-grade, multi-user pump.

You can see the Opera in action in the below stories:

Are there any cons to the Opera?

The few things I would consider as disadvantages include:

  • It’s a little bigger and heavier than some portable breast pumps.
  • It’s on the pricier side (though you may be able to get it free through insurance, pay using your FSA, or I have a discount code – AMANDA20 for 20% off)

Pump accessories

The Opera comes with the following in the box:

  • Two sets of two breast shields – 24mm and 27mm (more on breast shield sizing here)
  • Two duckbills
  • Tubing (two tubes)
  • Two bottles (along with disks and caps)
  • Two backflow protectors and diaphragms

Unimom Opera breast pump parts with text overlay Breast Shield/Connector with arrow pointing to breast shield (cone shaped part that goes on breast); Backflow protector with arrow pointing to the diapraphm on top that connects to the tubing; Tubing, with an arrow pointing to the tubing that connects the pump parts to the breast pump; and Duckbill with arrow pointing to the white valve that creates the suction; and Bottle next to the bottle that the milk flows into

You can also use Spectra and Motif pump parts interchangeably with the Opera pump parts, you don’t need an adapter.

How should you use the Unimom Opera?

After you have the pump parts assembled and ready to go (make sure you sterilize them before first use), you’ll want to set yourself up to pump. (More on pumping basics here.)

The Opera has a few unique settings. Below is some more information on how to use them.

Switching modes

How to Use Unimom Opera Modes | image 1 - Unimom Opera in Single L mode with arrow and finger pointing to Mode button with text overlay Press Mode button for Single L or Single R to single pump | Unimom pump in Synchronous mode with an arrow and text overlay Press again for Synchronous, which pumps both sides at once | Image of Unimom Opera pump in Alternate mode with arrow pointing at the work Alternate with text overlay Press again for Alternate, which switches back and forth

The Opera has four modes:

  • Single L – Single pumping on the left side
  • Single R – Single pumping on the right side
  • Synchronous – Double pumping both sides at once
  • Alternate – Switches between sides

To change modes, you press the mode button until it arrives at the mode you’d like.

There is no “best” mode to use, but I would suggest testing out the Synchronous and Alternate modes to see which one seems to get you the most milk.

Changing vacuum strength

Unimom Opera breast pump with arrow pointing to Vacuum + / - signs with text overlay To adjust suction strength, plus the + button to increase and the - button to decrease. Switch mode to Single L or Single R to change the suction on just one side.

To change the vacuum strength on the Unimom Opera, push the Vacuum + and – buttons to increase or decrease the suction, respectively.

If you’d like to change the suction strength on just one side, switch the mode to Single L or Single R (whichever side you’d like to change) as shown above, and then increase or decrease the suction on that side only.

Changing cycle speed and mode

Unimom breast pump with arrow pointing to Cycle + / - buttons with text overlay To adjust cycle speed, push the + button to increase and the - button to decrease. Cycle speed is set for both sides at the same time.

To modify the cycle speed, push the Cycle + and – buttons to increase or decrease the number of times the pump pulls per minute.

To change between massage and expression mode, push the button with the wavy lines in the upper left.

Unimom Opera: Bottom Line

The Unimom Opera is a great option for working parents and for exclusive pumpers. When I asked for reviews on Instagram, most people were overall happy with it.

You can see the individual responses below (there weren’t many, since it’s a pretty new breast pump):

Screenshot of Instagram Responses with text: 1) Can pump one at a time, each side can do different levels of suction at once; 2) took a bit to get used to it, but I love it! easy to use, portable, pretty quiet. 3) Portable, separate controls for sides, quietish, nightlight 4) Empties me well on low levels. can adjust suction for each side as needed. A little loud. 5) Liked it but it was too expensive for what it was. Didn't give me more output. 6) Portability was key! Great variety of features. 7) Don't have but love the separate settings per boob! 8) Liked it overall. Just bulky. Went with a Baby Buddha 2 months in.

(You may be able to get a Unimom Opera free through insurance. Check out your eligibility here.)

Otherwise, you can check the pump out here. Make sure to use AMANDA20 for 20% off!

Have you used this pump? Tell us your Unimom Opera review in the comments!

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