Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Laptop for Architects » Residence Style

Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Laptop for Architects » Residence Style

Information about Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Laptop for Architects » Residence Style

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A computer is what brings the imagination and creative ideas of architects to life. Especially in today’s age, architectural practice is incomplete without this technology since the process of designing, drafting, and communicating projects is all done on laptops. To fulfill those needs, different software is used which are resource-intensive and so can only be run on a powerful laptop.

Here are a few aspects you should consider before you buy a laptop for your architectural needs.

Laptop vs Desktop

If you’re professionally working as an architect, using a high-performance desktop is better. However, for architecture students that are constantly on the go, moving between different classes or from campus to home, portability is highly important. In this case, getting a laptop seems like the only reasonable choice. Whether you’re a student or a practicing architect, make sure you opt for a computer that pertains to your architectural needs.

Operating System

All the software and hardware of a computer are managed by the operating system, so the option you choose mostly depends on personal preference. Most people recommend using a Windows device due to its reasonable prices and wide range. Besides, Windows also has better specifications as compared to other operating systems. However, Apple enthusiasts prefer using OS X due to its powerful processors and amazing graphics. Despite the fact that Macbooks are expensive, they lack certain programs like Revit which are available on PC.


The most essential feature of a laptop is its central processing unit. The quality of the CPU determines how fast your software will be able to run. That is why it’s essential to look into the specifications that meet your needs and budget. To understand which laptop offers better components, you can read a full article about the features each of them has before you decide on one. Since you’ll be running CAD modeling and Adobe programs, it’s recommended to get either a 4-core or 6-core processor to avoid any hassle while handling all the tasks. By ensuring that you have all the right components, you can avoid the hassle of getting upgrades.



Architectural designing requires using graphic software like Rhino, ArchiCAD, or Revit that requires a formidable graphics card to perform well. Two of the most highly recommended GPUs are NVIDIA and Radeon. By purchasing a laptop equipped with a dedicated GPU, you’ll be able to smoothly run all kinds of architecture software.


Although it is used for storage, Random Access Memory, also known as RAM, controls your laptop’s ability to handle tasks. The amount of RAM your computer has will determine the number of programs that can be run simultaneously on it. Having less or limited RAM might make it difficult for software like V-Ray or Rhino to run smoothly, especially when you’re multitasking.

The kind of computer you’re using will impact how efficiently you can perform your designing and drafting processes. That is why there are various elements you need to look for when buying a laptop. Since it is an expensive investment, you need to research so that you don’t end up purchasing a substandard laptop by getting confused by the variety of options available.

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