vastu vs feng shui

Vastu Vs Feng Shui: What are the difference?

Vastu Vs Feng Shui: What are the difference?

Information about Vastu Vs Feng Shui: What are the difference?

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There has been a longstanding debate about which one is more effective, Vastu or Feng Shui. While it is a challenge to determine which one is better, a clear understanding of both sciences’ principles can help you choose one that aligns with your ideologies.

vastu vs Fengshui

Similarities Between Vastu and Feng Shui

  • The objective is to find harmony between the cosmos, environment, and nature.
  • Both derive ideas from metaphysics for home interiors combining material objects with intangible elements that you can only feel but not see.
  • Space is organized based on the flow of energy. Feng Shui labels this energy as “Qi” or “Chi,” while Vastu names it “prana.”
  • Both practices offer solutions to any evident problem in the arrangement of space.
  • Both have interdisciplinary derivatives.

vastu and fengshui

Differences Between Vastu and Feng Shui

Concepts Vastu Feng Shui
Meaning Vastu Shastra means the science of space or building. Feng Shui means Air and Water.
Origin Vastu Shastra originated in India around 1200 years ago, for the primary purpose of building temples. Feng Shui originated in China 5000-6000 years ago with the primary purpose of choosing the best burial areas for Kings or Emperors.
Derivatives Includes principles of bio construction, design, architecture, and art. It is focused on the art of arranging a space.
Basis of the principle It is based on the wisdom derived from the Vedas. It is based on various accounts and observations of energy and the effect of a particular space on a person’s energy.
Elements Focused On Earth, fire, air, water, and ether. Earth, fire, metal, wood, and water.
The Higher Purpose Promoting spiritual growth by aligning the energy in your space. Bringing harmony between the environment and your energy.
Cultural Parameters The principles of Vastu are universal. Feng Shui is linked to Chinese culture. For instance, the use of colour red is promoted in Feng Shui while in most cultures, red is a stressful colour that signifies danger.

Application of Vastu and Feng Shui

Area of the House Vastu Tips Feng Shui Tips
  • The master bedroom should be placed in the southwest portion of the house.
  • The bed must not face the entrance directly.
  • The bed must be in the south or east direction.
  • Avoid electronics.
  • Choose colours like grey, light rose, green, and blue.
  • Choose a king-sized bed.
  • The bed must be placed centrally.
  • Avoid placing the bed in front of the door.
  • Improve airflow with adjustable blinds.
  • Avoid mirrors in the line of sight of the bed.
  • Minimise electronic items in the room.
  • Avoid bookshelves in the bedroom.
  • Choose colours that are muted and soothing.
  • The kitchen must be placed in the southeast direction.
  • The stove must be placed in the southeast part.
  • Sinks and taps should be in the northeast direction.
  • Have a few windows.
  • The best colours are red, orange, and green.
  • The kitchen must not be placed in the centre of the house.
  • The kitchen must not face the bedroom, front door, or a toilet.
  • Round shaped kitchens must be avoided.
  • Choose colours like brown, green, and red.
  • Cooking ranges and ovens should face the south, southwest, or northeast.
  • The oven or cooking range should never be placed in the northwest portion.
Living Room
  • The living room should be placed in the east or northeast.
  • The TV should be placed in the southeast portion.
  • Heavy furniture and home interiors should be placed in the west or south portion.
  • The main door should not face the south.
  • The sofa must be placed against a wall that is solid but must not touch the wall.
  • The entrance should be visible from the main sofa.
  • Wealth symbols like coins and crystals must be placed on the coffee table.
  • Cover the TV screen when it is not in use.
  • Foo Dogs must be placed on either side of the entrance to guard your home.
  • Use colours as follows:
  • Blue and Black: North
  • Red, orange, pink and green: South
  • Brown and green: East and southeast
  • Bronze, tan, gold, and grey:- West and northwest
  • Mustard, brown, tan, and clay tones: Northeast and southwest.
  • The bathroom should be placed in the northwest portion.
  • The shower areas should be in the north, east, or northeast portion.
  • The door must not be very decorative.
  • The bathroom door should always be closed.
  • The bathroom door must always be closed, especially if it faces the front door.
  • The toilet should always be closed.
  • A mirror must be placed on the wall of the bathroom.
  • The bathroom should get ample fresh air and sunlight.
Pooja Room
  • It must be placed in the northeast.
  • You should face east or north when praying.
  • It must not share a wall with a bathroom.
  • It should not be under a staircase.
  • Use a door with two shutters.
  • There must not be any windows or ventilation on the door.
  • The room must be painted in serene colours, preferably white.
  • A pooja room must be placed in the north or east direction.
Kids Room
  • The room should be west facing.
  • A mirror must not be placed in front of the bed.
  • Choose furniture made of wood.
  • The door must be east facing.
  • Damaged and creaking furniture must be avoided.
  • The door must be visible from the bed.
  • The best place to put the bed is diagonally from the entrance.
  • Choose wooden furniture.
  • Avoid bright colours and busy wallpapers.
  • Blues, pinks, and greens are the best colours.
  • The entrance must face the north, east, or northeast.
  • Shoe racks should be avoided outside the main entrance.
  • The main entrance must never face the south.
  • Sharp objects must not face the door.
  • Use bright lights at the entrance.
  • The path to the front door should be clear.
  • Avoid a wall or staircase directly in front of the door.

application of vastu and fengshui

Whether you choose Vastu or Feng Shui, HomeLane offers interior design options that are perfectly compliant. Our goal is to make every home or office a place where you can feel energised, vibrant, and positive. We bring to you years of experience and a team of experts to make all your home interiors dreams come true.

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