What You Bought Last Month: September Edition

What You Bought Last Month: September Edition

What You Bought Last Month: September Edition

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Haaaaaappppppppy Friday everyone!! Friends and family, we’re excited to inform you that it’s almost the weekend (wahoo!) but before we get ahead of ourselves, we’re gonna backtrack for just one moment and chat about the 10 hottest and most popular items on this blog last month. We love looking at data and reporting back to you on what you guys ACTUALLY purchased and loved from our site, because it’s good to know what people like & we just think it’s fun. So, here we go folks.

This dress was an unexpected hit. I saw it when I was walking through Target and almost bought it, then wrote about it in the link up, then plot twist: I went back and bought it because so many of you did. It’s SO CUTE (I got the black and white color but the brown is also great for fall, plus the smock part on the top makes it very flattering but still comfortable and I’m already planning to wear it on thanksgiving (and for $30 why not??) I’m glad you guys really liked this one 🙂

Ryann hits us hard with an amazing Etsy shop once again!! This girl is like the queen of finding amazing small businesses on Etsy for pretty much any of your needs, and if you’re currently in need of a cute vintage frame, this shop has got you COVERED.

Who knew everyone needed match sticks so badly?? You guys bought over 200 matchboxes, and if you assume there’s about 30 matches per box that’s like 6,000 matches hahaha. Way to go, Jess and we hope you guys are all enjoying those stylish little matches (perfect to pair with #6 on this list, bet you can’t guess what that’s gonna be…).

Oh my favorite sweatshirt!! And it’s on sale now! I wear this sweatshirt almost everyday (kinda gross but if you have it, you get it). It’s the perfect shade of green and the perfect amount of crop, plus it’s like a comfy kind of towel-ish material so it’s perfect for wearing with athleisure. I love to wear it to the gym and I always start my workout by wearing it (because it’s a lil cold) and then by the time you’re warm and sweaty it’s ready to come off (and no fuzz gets on you because it’s kind of towel-y). It’s so great and I love it, I wear it with these shorts all the time (which are half off right now, guys).

Ha I told you #8 would relate to #6 (and I’m sure no one’s surprised at what it is) but congrats Jess on linking such a loveable and delicious candle!! Perfect for fall if you’re in the market.

Another candle!! Yay! I linked this candle because well, first off, I bought it and love it. Second, because it’s the perfect gift for cool aunts to give to their nieces (which seemed to be a need based on the comments from this post). And it’s really affordable (at $15) so it’s truly a great gift for a gen-zer

Haha not surprised to see the iconic, wildly stretchy jockey underwear we all tried out in this post (along with 2 of her other favorite products).

This underwear really is soft (I didn’t love it because of the seams but I’m heavily in the minority about this so here’s what Emily had to say about it if you missed it):

“I DESPISE a bad pair of underwear – one that cuts in, feels super uncomfortable, and frankly makes me feel bad and sad with the line it creates. So when I found this pair (totally randomly) I want to never go back. I get so bummed when I can’t find one pair and will often hand wash one rather than wearing a backup. Where do I start – this fabric is stretchy enough so they stay in place, but they do NOT cut in – like even if I’m bloated or gain some fun “summer/beer” lbs, they are still so comfortable (it’s nice to not feel shamed by your panties). There isn’t a “band” or seam at the top or bottom in which to cut in. They are SO THIN and soft, but so far (after 5 months) are still in great shape and have held their shape. I can NOT feel they are there, at all – both the thong and the normal underwear. They don’t ride up, they stay put, and they are so soft that I’d even say they make me feel sexy – despite being so simple.”

Honestly it’s worth giving it a shot because they’re only $3.99 right now (originally $11.50!!)

We all cannot stop laughing about the fact that a cup of pancakes made this list. It’s a first for sure but it was rightfully deserved – moms LOVE these for a quick and easy (and not horrible for you) breakfast. Em said 2 of her mom friends separately told her how great they were, then she let Birdie and Charlie try them and they love them which has made “those” mornings before school very easy.

Guys my dress!! This dress is so cute and I love a J-crew moment for the entire holiday season (you might remember the plaid J-crew dress I linked last year that was my ‘Thanksgiving dress’) I’m not sure why I’m so into the idea of a Thanksgiving dress, but there are now 2 that made this list, so you guys must be too. This one is super great!

Ding ding ding, we have a winner! Emily needed some new jackets to get into the PNW lifestyle, so she purchased a few utility jackets and linked some other fun ones over in this post if you missed it. This one was in the roundup, but it truly caught our eye almost immediately. Even Em mentioned that she considered getting it 🙂

So those are the top 10 for September! Hopefully you enjoyed seeing what was bought last month, we know we do. Let’s chat in the comments & be sure to have a great weekend. xx

Opening Image Credit: Photography by Sara Ligorria-Tramp for EHD | Design and Styling assistance by Emily Bowser and Julie Rose | From “A Budget and Rental-Friendly Living Room With 80% Thrifted Finds

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