Where to Buy Kawaii Nintendo Switch Accessories » Residence Style

Where to Buy Kawaii Nintendo Switch Accessories » Residence Style

Where to Buy Kawaii Nintendo Switch Accessories » Residence Style

Information about Where to Buy Kawaii Nintendo Switch Accessories » Residence Style

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The Nintendo Switch has been a game changer since it was first released in 2017. With its unique features and being backed up by some of the most awesome games in recent years, it’s unsurprising that it became one of the best selling consoles in the US. 

Just like other video game consoles, the Nintendo Switch also comes with countless types of accessories and is highly customizable. Whether you already have one or are planning to gift yourself a Nintendo Switch, it’s a great idea to personalize it in such a way that it reflects your interests and style. 

If you’re all for the kawaii theme, this article will help you to find out where to buy kawaii Nintendo Switch accessories.

Types of Kawaii Nintendo Switch Accessories and Customizations

Make your Nintendo Switch as kawaii as possible with the following accessories and customization options.

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Protective Shells

Protect your precious Nintendo Switch with style through kawaii protective shells. These hardcover shell cases come in different designs and are effective in cushioning impact and preventing potential damage to your console.


Whether you have a hardcover shell case for your Nintendo Switch or not, an exterior case where you can keep your console, charger, dock, and other accessories is also a good investment. These cases that sometimes look like a small bag can be especially useful when traveling. 

Joycon Accessories

Are you gaming for extended periods of time? Why not buy thumb caps and comfort grips to have a more pleasant experience? These kawaii joycon accessories also come in various designs–some are just plain pastel colored, others are video game or anime-themed, while there are also some that feature adorable animal designs. 


Skins provide the easiest way to customize your Nintendo Switch minus the bulk of a hardcover shell case. If you’re not a fan of changing designs often, this is a good option as it is for single use. 


Do you want to store your whole Nintendo Switch system and not just the console? You might want to consider buying a kawaii carrying case. 

You can also buy a separate case for your Nintendo Switch cartridges so you won’t lose any and keep them all in one place. These kawaii game cartridge cases come in handy when you have a huge collection of games.

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Some people find the joycons uncomfortable for gameplay. If you’re one of them, you can always buy kawaii-themed wired or wireless controllers. Alternatively, you can buy plain ones and customize them further with skins and faceplates.

Where to Find Kawaii Nintendo Switch Accessories

There are two main ways to find kawaii Nintendo Switch accessories: one is through brick-and-mortar kawaii stores and second is through online stores. 

With the popularity of kawaii culture, there are a lot of niche stores that sprung throughout the country. They sell everything from kawaii plushies, fashion accessories, clothes, room decors, kitchen utensils, and gaming accessories. You can always check online if you have such specialty stores in your city and make sure to drop by to check the items personally. Speaking of going online, if you can’t find a kawaii store near you, you can always take advantage of the power of the internet. 

A simple search query “kawaii Nintendo Switch accessories” will surely yield millions of results. Just make sure to choose which stores to trust. With ecommerce on the rise, many businesses are pivoting and are setting up their own online stores. 

Of course, you can also search on established ecommerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay, or even Etsy where you can buy handcrafted accessories by artists. Dedicate some time to look around and have a virtual window shopping to be able to fully explore all your options. 

You might find huge discounts, special deals, and free shipping on some sites. Also, keep in mind that not all Nintendo Switch accessories are created equal. They may look cute and may come with a low price tag, but what about the quality?

It is better to spend a bit more for a high quality product than settle for a cheap one that is easy to break and would eventually require replacement after a short period of time. So choose wisely, do your own research, and happy shopping!

Final Thoughts

Finding the best kawaii Nintendo Switch accessories that fit your style of play and personal preferences can be a challenge. However, by identifying the type of accessories and customizations that you prefer and knowing how to find niche stores can point you in the right direction.

If you’re looking for more kawaii-themed items, ookawaii is the perfect shop for you. Here, they don’t only sell kawaii Nintendo Switch accessories, but also kawaii plushies and cushions, kawaii mouse pads and keycaps, kawaii bags, and many others. Visit their website to know what’s in store for you. 

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